Regarding the Main Class Weapon Boost Titles

So, I noticed that the main class weapon bonus titles have translated over so been working on that to aim for the full 10% bonus if possible.

However I am concerned about one thing in regards to so many of the weapons from the previous Japanese version being cut, and that's these titles are much more difficult due to these cuts. To my knowledge here are the thresholds needed for the power (+2.5% power for your main class's weapons if you reach the threshold).

Hunter and Fighter need 15/20/25/30 weapons for their boost All other classes (except Summoner) need 10/15/20/25 weapons for their boost

At least according to what I look from drop tables and utilizing resources such as the pso2na.visiphone, I noticed some classes have quite a difficult time achieving the thresholds.

For context: you need to have weapons added to your weapon compendium to gain these titles, which means they must be attained via drops OR via exchanging items such as Rising Weapon Badges to have them cataloged (purchasing them via player markets does NOT count).

For certain classes, such as Braver, they only have 25 weapons eligible for this title, which means they need to have ALL eligible weapons drop/exchanged to get the max 10%. This includes gaining 11/12* weapons from the Base Defense Quests, which these weapons, such as Solid Recurve, have been infamously known to have horrible drop rates.

I was thinking one way to help alleviate this is either adding more 7 - 12* weapons to the pool to assist in gaining these titles quicker OR allowing 13s to be eligible for this title as well. Either of these I think would help greatly for players to achieve this title, the latter I think would be most appropriate since most of the later game I think would be populated by weapons of 13 and above while lesser rarities are ignored entirety.

I wholeheartedly agree with this suggestion.