XBox log in Issue

For the last two days when I try to log in it just kicks me back to Press A to log in. Is anybody else having this problem? This started Wednesday when Ship 2 was kicking people out with the server issue.

I still cannot log in. It has been almost six days since I was able to log in. Is there any solution or help for this yet?

@CLA315 I would open up a support ticket. Not sure if it is game based or account based.

Perhaps a silly question but has your sub run out? It's done this to me once but only at the very start when there was a PSO2 update

My Xbox gold is good until the 19th. I plan on getting a year long plan if I can get back into the game.

Submitted a ticket on the 9th. Still waiting on a response. Still can't log in. Ticket # 46669