How do I get my screenshots from the Beta? Usually I just got on my phone after a Capture with the Xbox Live app. Then download it to my phone. Bam. But it's only popping up on my Xbox (So I can only take a picture of my TV with my phone to get uploadable picture of it). I've noticed some people posting straight up screenshots and not camera pictures with their phones. Thanks.

I uploaded all my screenshots and videos from my experience with the Beta to OneDrive. If you have uploaded it to OneDrive it may take a while to upload everything if there are a lot of files.

@Plazza7020 So I can get OneDrive on my Xbox? Because I think I know what you're talking about, because I have it on my phone.

@Aperture-Mage Yeah OneDrive should be pre-installed on your Xbox since it's an official Microsoft application. It you are wondering how to upload videos and images to OneDrive you first go to your captures and then select the ones you want to share and share them to OneDrive.

@Plazza7020 Okay awesome! Thank you very much.