Cannot affix ring skill to 12 star armor, this feature seems to be bugged!

The affix ring skill to 12 star armor is greyed out. There was a tutorial that showed up when I obtained the armor and had a lv 20 ring, but the tutorial bugged out and the affix ring skill is still unable to be selected at the item enhancement shop. Can this please be fixed?!

Can still confirm this is not working, any input from the pso2 team would be greatly appreciated.

If it is going to be fixed, it will be during maintenance, so for now we just have to wait a couple of days to see.

Still not working, no communication if it's a bug or intended, yay we get to wait two more weeks for next maintenance.

Yep, this is pretty crappy.

Yep, got rays really early only to be disappointed, hoped for a fix on the 10th, nothing.

This is really disappointing considering it helps so much to have these ring skills. It encourages people to actually revive others since most people will actually be able to throw atomizer fanatics onto their units, and without it, using an atomizer doesn't have iframes and is also really slow. With Ultimate Quest bosses having gigantic hurtboxes on some of their moves, yeah.

It also would have been nice to be able to start leveling my other rings without losing important stuff while running the higher content where you really want to be running optimal setups.

Can we please get recognition that this is even noticed?

All we can do is submit bug reports through the support site for this. The GMs have basically said that that is the best way for them to show the devs that a problem needs to be investigated.

I decided to go through to see which classes are the most affected by this right now.

Fighter: Doesn't have combo ring yet due to no dual saber, so needs to ring swap for Twin Dagger usage and Knuckle usage. Rather annoying.

Bouncer: There are 2 Dual Blade rings and you want both. Very, VERY brutal for bouncer as you can't use shortcuts to ringswap - you're literally having to pick 1 or the other for your dual blade rings.

Gunner: If you aren't using Front Stylish Roll (or the combo ring) then you aren't playing gunner right. 99% of your chain combos don't work well without it. This renders TMG Stance Up completely ineffective and impossible to use.

Ranger: Has to ring swap for launcher and rifle. Launcher Non-Weak Bonus gives launcher way better damage consistently, Precision Blight Rounds is basically needed to land your weak bullets in the right spot.

Outside of that, I don't think most of the other classes are missing that much out of it, summoner definitely isn't... but there are rings that almost everyone uses.

Everyone: Everyone could use Atomizer Fanatics -- Techter even moreso than others for the obvious reasons of rebirth bonus. Atomizer Lovers speeds up the usage of atomizers AND gives you iframes while you're using it, so it's not a process of "use moon, oh i guess i'm dead now instead". Star Atomizers are also amazing... But overall the ability to actually use moon atomizers safely without doing ring swaps is massive, it gives a lot more incentive for people to revive others.

Also, a lot of people end up using Leaping Dodge a lot from my experience. So there's that.

Originally skill rings weren't available to add to units until the third Ultimate quest was added with more 12* units.

I would say it is intended for the reason. There will be better units that come out for the skill rings pretty soon, so having the option available now may result in a lot of lost meseta.

I mean, it's only like 1 lambda grinder + 300k to put rings on units on 13* on JP, cant remember if it's any different on 12*s.

But that's good to know, though also really bad because the 3rd ultimate quest wasn't until ep4. (That said, I am prepping for new 12*s with a painful title grind to try to get as close to 500 titles for summoner, but I'd like to be able to start leveling my other rings more properly)

Either way, what I was told is that the tutorial for Unit Skill Addition is bugged and doesn't "complete" despite popping up (yes, it literally pops up in game right now only to have the option be greyed out still after it). Don't have more details than that and not sure how true it is. But the fact that the Unit Skill Addition tutorial even pops up in game suggests something is bugged.

@Theuberclips I was referring more to the cost of some rings. The amount of lambda is still somewhat limited due to the young server age and certain rings/combo rings take a lot of mats to get leveled up all the way.

The tutorial bit is strange. Couls be an issue with virtually segmenting stuff that is already programmed into the game without checking all the events linked to those segments. Lots of weird things happening lately.

@John-Paul-RAGE Here's the thing, based on the fact that all available 13☆ weapons can be put on the Personal Shops after using an Owner Cancel Pass, this means that the build of the game is at least that of the December 18th, 2019 JPN version. That was also the update that made it so that Skill Rings are not consumed when added to Units, and gave the ability to transfer Ring skills from one Unit to another.

@AndrlCh that is true, but some features are pushed back beyond their initial point of being implemented, so I just figured adding Rinflgs wouldn't become a thing until ultimate Amduskia at the earliest. I still need my Perfect Keeper ring anyways.

@John-Paul-RAGE But why put in the greyed out option at the attendant? If they were intending just to put it in later, they could have just removed it completely just like with all the Crafting options.