[Ship 2] Benevolence Recruitment

Bump, still recruiting. We managed to get 2 full MPAs for megatsu & ultimate farming tonight @ 80 members now. Join us if you still are looking to run content around prime time (7PM-1 AM Eastern). You don't need to be fully geared, just level 70+ with similar interests in playing the game ^.^. I really wish to recruit the last 20 people so we can have 3 MPAs/more people to play with around similar time zones and share knowledge/information about upcoming content/etc.

https://i.imgur.com/ujRZqgV.jpg https://i.imgur.com/VbKrI2a.jpg https://i.imgur.com/RaTwbm9.jpg


Another decent night, with 28 people interested in Megatsu. And 2 MPAs for ultimate farming. We are up to 90 members now and are still growing. I would like to expand the alliance's capacity in support for having more availability for VHAQ and other urgent quests within 6 PM - 2 AM EST / 3 PM - 12 PM PST.

Our discord has also seen significant growth in users utilizing during content farming nights; I look forward to expanding social activities such as black nyack nights/shooter nights as well once we settle an established expanded core base. So far the efforts have been successful, and I look to continue establishing the foundation of the alliance as members come and go with ongoing interests outside the scope of the game. My rationale for ensuring the success of all members' progress and integration into activities is that it keeps member retention high, satisifaction high and makes it generally a positive environment for all members to be in; as no one wants to login to an unsociable, non-interacting alliance. Players who invested the most time and energy into their characters will foremost be the best suited members to teaching, mentoring, instructing other members who recently join and reach level cap down the line and just overall having more people available enables more community resources to be put to use. Also to clarify, I am not looking for hardcore 24/7 players - just anyone reasonably cordial, sociable and level 70+ with a want to play with some groups/other players who have some knowledge of the game and enjoy playing the game during prime time (as much as sitting in a lobby and RP emote/fashioning is fun too during downtime ;u;).

humblebrag we managed to get a 2:33 megatsu kill, though still working on improving golden megatsu kill times for the more competitive members out there.

https://i.imgur.com/pRdkRrE.jpg alt text https://i.imgur.com/Yklhl23.jpg alt text https://i.imgur.com/4bcvgBL.png

So we are pretty successful, having 99 members now -- although we are looking to replace some members who haven't logged on since the release date (quitted). If you're reasonably sociable, are of respectable level (70+), being in the same time zone and playtime (6PM Eastern to 2 AM Eastern / 3 PM Pacific to 11PM Pacific) and like interacting/participating in urgent quests/ultimate quests/learning with other people about the game's mechanics, systems, affixes, classes -- feel free to hit us up.

Our MPAs are usually 1 and a half full to 2 + 1 or 2 parties. There are no mandatory meetings, no mandatory gear requirements, no forced socialization nor hardcore requirements; just be friendly, interactive, leveled & participative 😃

We had a pretty successful night running Xtreme Quest Night + UQ Wind & partially megatsu (botched due to some logistical issues with LOTs of new members in second MPA but def will be fixed next time =))

https://i.imgur.com/9itWRmv.jpg alt text alt text https://i.imgur.com/f0CpKBA.jpg

Our alliance leader is also very technical and can do tutorials in comboing, affixing and various activities to aid you too. alt text

Our vision (leader & officers) is to create a community for PSO2 whom primary interests are in improving one's game knowledge, abilities, and capabilities as a player -- as well as having support from other members who share an interest in helping others, teaching others, mentoring others and participating in group activities to make the game more fun overall, regardless of what clique you are in or who you play with ^.^

Also we are looking for more individuals in leadership positions to host events, organize, and teach others. If you are knowledgable, or know a friend as such, is responsible and patient with an earnest desire to be in such a role, feel free to join us and communicate with us.

We are still recruiting, looking to fill 10-15 more active players tentatively with considerable knowledge of the game/classes, or strong enthusiasm for improvement, or just a general good aptitude and attitude for the game. We are still highly active during prime time and encourage all potential members to leave a post here, or DM on discord Zeon#0035 or apply in-game.

If you're looking for a pretty all-around inclusive group, like learning/sharing knowledge/improving your skills and participating in MPAs, come join us ^.^

Our base is still pretty mix of very active semi-casual/ semi-hardcore with well-rounded players in the game's mechanics, systems and talkative players with affinity for group activities mostly at the moment.

alt text alt text alt text

Another fun night with 30+ people at Las Vegas UQ & some MPAs at Challenge Quest. We're still looking for active, sociable, knowledgeable and well-rounded players; I'd like to solidify our roster with highly engaged members. To me, and our management team, the members matter as much as the community.

alt text

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Some nice sub 2-min (1:53) runs too 😆 alt text

link text

Our leader wishes to move us towards a more semi-hardcore roster with a focus on accumulation of knowledge, self-improvement, mastery & skills, as well as considerable in-game activity although we still primarily recruit people who play within 6 PM - 2 AM Eastern timezone for the purposes of consideration of work, school and other activities. Please DM Zeon#0035 on discord if you fit these qualities and would like to join an alliance with said same shared goals, although our roster is still a mix of semi-casual and semi-hardcore players who play extensively. Group-orientated activities are strongly encouraged and sharing knowledge is preferable. Players who have no presence in interacting with the alliance are presently being removed to make leeway to more desirable candidates. While a competitive mindset is not necessary, one which coincides with the interests in being an active participant of an alliance is utmost encouraged and welcomed. While the game's difficulty is not high, the type of community we like to foster is one of shared growth in being an all-around better player.

alt text

We are still recruiting (10-15 tentative slots due to inactive/disengaged members), although our process will be changed to trialing members. Please DM Zeon#0035 on discord. Once again, we are looking for a particular player in some aspects -- social, knowledgable, engaged and relaxed but a little competitive. Not all qualities are necessary as some people prefer to relax in their downtime, or chime in an insight when something interesting is happening or just socialize instead of min-maxing every aspect of the game but overall we would like to build a nice community for all of our members with a diverse member set in more things than just being #1 at soloing bosses or exclusively talking about in real life stuff. Our prime target is still level 75 players with some classes maxed and decent gear with some hours to log in and unwind, anytime at 6PM - 2 AM eastern or 3PM - 11 PM pacific strictly due to difficulties in organizing or conducting activities outside of those times but we do indeed from time to time still play outside those times, and VHAQ for alt leveling classes. Our base is still a mix of semi-casual and semi-hardcore players.

We organized some trigger parties, many urgent quest parties (las vegas or magatsu), some ultimate quest parties (2 MPAs this night 24/24) and challenge quest parties, although those with benefits like ray badges for astral soul SAF/alt sets, pure photons for upgrading composite rings, EX-cubes, 40% augments tend to see more participation overall. And no, you do not have to be the most social, competitive, all-gear maxed, 8-affix, crazy chad with 100000 hours logged in JP with a 8 year history track record on youtube with solo videos although our leader would like to have more members who are into playing well and improving in the general sense (clear times, damage output, etc) and potentially time-attack content. Our goals are long-term sustenance

alt text https://i.imgur.com/B8v5G3A.png alt text