[Ship 2] Benevolence Recruitment

Benevolence is currently a small, casual level 5 guild on ship 2 that runs SH/XH urgent quests, having fun with both new and old (JP) players as well as giving advice and help to those who need it!

We are generally active for most hours of the day within the game, and some of us use the Discord for voice chatting during NA's typical active hours. Feel free to join, ask questions, and do runs with us! You can message me through Discord at Zeon#0035 or send an app to Benevolence in game and we'd be happy to talk with you!

A sizable amount of us are level 75s (~15 members) now and we are planning on expanding further with more people into Ultimate Quests. We currently have 35 members and play mostly on afternoons and evenings (5PM - 3 AM) (eastern time zone).

We are running 2/3-party MPAs XQs/SQs at the moment and are looking for players who also enjoy playing the game and eventually doing more of the unreleased content in the future as a group, with some socializing in discord from time to time.

Nearly all of us are PC players and we are looking forward to meeting you. There are no requirements to join at the moment and no commitments to make, but we simply ask that you interact with the alliance from time to time and have fun! Our tentative goals in the mid to long-term are to have more full-scale alliance parties to grind/raid quests. We have a mix of NA only and some past JP players.

Contact me in game Yukiri (player id) or Altrius (leader) through ARK search or join our discord server for an invite. We currently have the ATK buff +16%, as our alliance was created on PC launch (May 27th) and looking to level up rare item drop boost and EXP after for EX-cube farming/Saiki/Nemesis/Nox/Slave farming soon.

Our alliance block is 97.

Bumping the thread,

Bumping again, we're at 42 members now ;c

Looking to organize more all-alliance Ultimate Quest MPAs in the future. Looking for level 50-75 active players and any friends welcomed too =). Lower level players are welcomed too but group activities are more limited in scope to black nyacking, casino nights and alt class leveling.

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Bumping again. Still looking more for VHAQ/SHAQ/Ultimates ~ We had another alliance merged and now have 54 members.

We are also looking for other smaller alliances to merge with active core members too. Feel free to leave a comment here or ingame mail or discord for an invite if you're interested. Some of us are geared with nemesis/slave +35 weapons/saiki sets, others are just fresh 75s with brissas/leveling other sub classes for title bonuses, but overall we collectively do online activities together when we are on ^.^. Seeking to move towards a higher mid-range guild of skilled/knowledgable players.

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Bumping again. So we are really looking for more people.. have an issue with 14~17 people wanting to do MPAs but don't have the full 24 for 2 MPAs! alt text

Pretty fun tonight, got 1.5 MPAs going. alt text

Bumping again

First alliance kill together (definitely tough!) Proud of everyone ;c alt text

And again this morning alt text

Bumping, around 63 members now. Strictly speaking, numbers don't matter that much but having enough to do multiple MPAs would be nice =). We don't bite, and aren't the most hardcore of hardcore - just people that play the game a lot during prime time and looking for similar leveled players to play with and guide if needed ^.^. Shoot a DM here.

Also, notable we got our first 3m:30s megatsu kill today (not too sure if there is a speedranking) but we look to improve together as a group on game knowledge and capabilities whenever possible too.

Some notable resourcefulness of our alliance, we have market-savvy players, people who can guide you through affixing efficiently, and some episode 4-5 JP players - although most of us are recent NA players, just a tad more knowledgeable than the average player.

On the social front, we could do better but whenever there is something to discuss or talk about in relation to the game or external hobbies/games, there is certainly someone there. Our focus will still be primarily ensuring the best outcomes for all members in terms of gear, leveling, knowledge and gameplay though regardless of experience level. Feel free to bring your friends too, as we have several groups of people with the occasional 1-2 needed for AQs and whatnot. Note that we are not a tier-1 alliance or anything of that sort in competitiveness (not our primary focus), but is an ancillary result achieved through recruiting quality members (core players you can interact with).

Also we do have a discord, but it is still secondary in nature despite most or if not all the alliance is on it. Our members do communicate on it, but the main focus will still be in-game communication. Organizational logistics might be expanded on discord if further facilities are needed to guide more simultaneous parties.

Here are some additional pictures of our activities. We are mostly active 5 PM Eastern to 2 AM Eastern so I wish to not misalign the expectations of any recruit who joins (and promptly leaves). Our preference is mainly level 70s+ since that is where the bulk of our group activities will be. If you play primarily in the same time zone, are of similar progression (level-wise) and wish to play with other individuals who are somewhat knowledgeable but also new, feel free to ask for an invite.

pcQ92gp.jpg OIIPkEj.jpg jihwbTh.png

Bumping, we have roughly 73 members now. Still looking to recruit more people. Congrats to a few of our members too ^.^

Our alliance ATK buff is now maxed.

alt text

About 40% of us are geared with nem/slave+35 weapons & affixed saiki sets and/or ray pieces if (using the 5-ring bonus later on). Although a lot of our new members are still diligent players, and are still UQing with us and running VQs to max their classes out. Feel free to apply & DM in-game to me, or our leader @Zeon#0035 on discord. Discord is not mandatory, nor is voice chat however. Bumping here for another status update. Our next buff is rare drop boost, then meseta boost, then EXP/defense likely.

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Bump again, some more of our daily activities ^.^ And congrats on new members recently joined, first kill together. We have roughly 77 members now to date. Still would like to do 2-parties MPA though ;c

https://i.imgur.com/sOVnD51.jpg https://i.imgur.com/KCJEkbf.jpg https://i.imgur.com/KCJEkbf.jpg https://i.imgur.com/KCJEkbf.jpg