More ways to reset skill tree

Please provide a means for players to at least reset their skill trees for "free" once in a while. Even if at an insanely high in-game currency cost or something. Right now it feels awful knowing that if you make a mistake when starting out you really can't do anything about it - unless you get that card out.

It's definitely one of the worst systems I've seen in a while. It is the type of thing I expect in a mobile game, not in a proper console/pc game. ­čś×

The game is super fun and I'm not against buying stuff in it. I just think that the skill tree stuff is way too far and over the top. Just plain excessive and not necessary.

They distribute free reset passes from time to time. Typically whenever they add new skills, increase the level cap, or make balance changes.

We'll definitely get a few skill tree resets when the three other classes are released.

So rarely getting them once in a rare while is fine. While other games simply let you do it through in-game means or subscriptions?

I mean wouldn't it make more sense for them to hand out with the monthly premium subscription or something at the very least? There's already like 10 ways to get people to spend money in addition to that sub fee they heavily try to push you towards. How does locking out a basic feature make any sense?

If they didn't make money off of it, they likely wouldn't do it.

You can disagree with it all you want, but it's not hard to see why it is done this way.