NZXT CAM + PSO2 = incorrect temp readings

I use a Kraken AIO cooler for my i9.

Starting today when I booted pso2 I got a reading of 100C on my i9

Troubleshooting steps:

  • boot game without cam - runs fine no heat death
  • load cam after booting game, nothing weird
  • boot game with cam - 100c, fans go dead silent as soon as game is exited

Seems to be some sort of weird issue causing cam to think my cpus temp is 100C

I played FFXIV at 144fps for a couple hours just to try to get it to overheat, went to hunt trains and everything... my cpu was not overheating. and not even at 30% load. 40-50C temp readout

when i play pso2 cpu is at around 10% load, but for some reason, still getting a reading of 100C

so naturally I reinstalled windows fresh, did a fresh install of the game and got the same results.

If anyone has any potential fixes let me know, otherwise I have sent a ticket to NZXT CAM

It's because of gameguard. Nzxt cam has kernal access to read temps and stuff. Gameguard being a root kit anti cheat, conflicts with nzxt and tries to fight it.

Your PC is not at 100*C. It is gameguard breaking nzxt cam and causing it to not be able to read the temps. As a failsafe to prevent the fans from underperformung cam reads 100. It's in Pso2 tweaker discord list of applications gameguard hates.

The solution sadly is to set your fans to a fixed state then close cam before playing. I set mine to 65% speed as a safe high level. There are other applications gameguard fights over that you should look at.

Expect GG to be the pain to your existence if you have a decent pc. A lot of the management software we use is hated by GG.

Link :