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Heya guys! New player here.

I just have 2 questions for now:

1 - About the login bonuses: Are they account wide or per character? I made a character just to try the game out, and got past the prologue and got the 1st day rewards. But then I created my actual one on another server, but never got the Salon tickets from the 1st day login ...

2 - Outfit options in Salon post-creation: I noticed when creating a new character that there seemed to be more options and there were many outifts to choose for your character. But now in the ingame Salon, the outfit section is empty (I wanted to test them out with the ingame lightning). Are the outifts only available on the first creation and now I have to buy them somewhere to unlock them?


This! I did the same. Made a chaacter on Ship3 and got the salon pass only to find I had an old braver on Ship1 that i've decided to main as fighter now...no salon pass for him i take it?