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Can someone explain how the Phantom sidestep shift works and what does it do? What am I supposed to be looking for?

@RainGnyu Are you asking about the ring or the shift mechanic itself?

@VanillaLucia said in New Recruits! Have a question? Post it here!:

@RainGnyu Are you asking about the ring or the shift mechanic itself?

Well I am trying to understand the ring itself and how it functions? What am I supposed to be looking for?

@RainGnyu The Step Shift ring can be created by gathering resources in Las Vegas Exploration (Earth Rocks and Las Vegas Diamond). You may need quite a bit so if you play as multiple characters you can go here multiple times and hopefully gather enough resources to make the ring.

The ring essentially turns every photon art used after dodging into a Shift Art like how the Weapon Action already does so. It is simply another way to access Shift Arts and slightly faster if you really needed that speed such as for the Rifle's Nachtangriff as the step version has a faster start-up but less safety than the Weapon Action version.

I would only really recommend the ring if you dislike the Weapon Action for whatever reason as the Weapon Action allows for much safer setups in combat due to its invulnerability frames provided.

@VanillaLucia what is shift arts not understanding.

I play a Hunter main Phantom sub.

@RainGnyu Ah, then the ring will not apply to you at all. "Shift Arts" function like the Bouncer's Variant Arts but in the opposite direction. The Bouncer's Jet Boots allow the player to press the Weapon Action at any time during an action to perform a "Variant Art" of some sort. This is what gives the Jet Boots their flexibility and ease-of-use as you only need four photon arts to play the Bouncer.

The Phantom applies this but the other way around where the weapon action puts the user into a state where the next photon art engaged during the white ring that is displayed becomes a "Shift Art" that completely changes the functionality of the photon art just like the Bouncer's Jet Boots.

So my question is about etoile (since there isn't a section for it in classes, i'll put it here instead) and their "alliance member" buff skills. If i'm not in an alliance and never will be so the buffing other players part is pointless, do they still work on my character or is being in an alliance enforced for them to do anything?

@Yggranya It is a text error. All of the Etoile skills that say "alliance" should say "party" instead (specifically your up-to-four-man party, not the MPA as a whole); Over Drive and Perfect Guard PP Aile apply to all those in your party, including yourself, while Cooldown Preservation does not apply to you, only to your non-Etoile party members.

@AndrlCh Thanks for the info.

Hello, I am wondering about the Invitational Rewards. I am currently over the level 50 reward, and I am wondering where I can get SG 50 Ticket. I only need one and I need it to finish this rewards list thing!

@Wub What invitational rewards are you talking about?

@Vexation These! fc7e6f38-b96f-4ee9-8365-3e6d9ed68c9a-image.png



When buying a Custom Zanverse what is the best? What am I looking for?

Charge Time? PP Cost? None?

Where or how can I find or obtain Sangamori the Possessed camo?