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I'm having an issue with my mag, it's level 101 and I'm level 49 force. It's around level 100 in tec. I've fed it tec food devices in the past, but I can't figure out how to do it again. When I go to sort my character storage at the kiosk, it says I have my food devices in my inventory, but when I go to feed the mag they don't show up. I'm totally confused.

@Ultraheaven You give them Food Devices via the Use Device option, not the the normal feeding option.

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I need some help!

I got an Atlas Gunblade (S4Lifesteal) and trying to get it to 8 Slots so I can pull the S4 but have not been successful enough! I need everything you got to help this happy ending quest come true!

I'm not an affixing guru and have found this task too daunting to try personally, but the best I can offer is:

  • Definitely affix a S1, S2, S3, and S4 prior to upslotting as these will remain at 100% through the whole process (thereby improving your cumulative rate of success)
  • Definitely spend 100 Ex-cubes for a 40% augmentation aid...this is where it'll get pricey over time
  • Definitely affix augments that are 100% before the upslotting penalty
  • And then I'd explore adding Augment Guidance to the Gunblade prior to upslotting. My reading of the visiphone suggests this will give you an extra 5% success, but only if equipped on your base weapon at the start (i.e. can't be on a fodder). These were dropping in the Halloween UQ so they may still be reasonably priced, though 7-slots will probably cost a good chunk of change and you'll want a few to add it to your base. Playing in the simulator, it looks like 2 on fodder will give you a 90% success rate of transferring it with a 40% aug aid, but with 3 on fodder you can get up to 100% success with a 30% aug aid item.
  • There's also a bonus from using fodder that are the same as your base, but you'd never want to waste your stones making 2 extra gunblades you'll destroy while upslotting...

Rumor has it there may be a boost week coming up right before Ep6 launches so I'd probably wait for that and just throw Ex-cubes at it without worrying about Augment Guidance. Here are some numbers from the simulator though:

With no boost week, your cumulative rate of success will be:

  • 31.64% with Augment Guidance
  • 24.01% without

But if we get a 10% boost week:

  • 52.20% with Augment Guidance
  • 40.96% without

And if we get a 15% boost week:

  • 65.61% with Augment Guidance
  • 52.20% without

Though after writing all that it just feels like it'd be easier to buy an 8-slot Val and change its type at Zig to be whatever you want and then swap the S4 over from the Gunblade at Monica.

Hi I'm new to pso2 lvl 39 summoner. First question is what is the red circle with a star in it in the bottom left corner of my screen next to my hp/pp? and what does it mean when it starts blinking? second question, is everyone a NPC??? I've been playing for 5 days now and I see what appear to be other peoples characters running around but nobody really interacts whats up with this? Every mission I have started and finished solo. This game is fun but i feel so isolated its like the loneliest MMO i have ever played! it would be nice to find other people to play with so i could learn more about the game.

is there anyway i can get it to stop exiting the inventory when i right click???? i couldnt tell you how many times i have right clicked an item in my inventory out of habit only to close my inventory and piss me off

@SourDiesel The red circle is your party color indicator as well as your Photon Blast indicator. The star indicates party leader status, and when you are solo you are always party, but when you join someone else's party, you will see the star on their color indicator instead (your color might also change to blue, green, or yellow when you join someone's party, depending on how long hte party has been activated/what colors are not already assigned). When it lights up, it means that your Photon Blast is ready to use, and you can activate it (you need add your Photon Blast to your subpalette first).


  1. Answered already, but just wanted to add that the blinking will also inform you when your party members have a PB ready if you want to coordinate their release (which I believe extends their duration). Not a big deal, but some parties in things like Advanced Quests or Ultimates may ask you to do this.

  2. I've come to think of PSO2 as an action RPG, but that hasn't helped much with the loneliness 😜 For random interactions I'd recommend hanging out in Block 34, or the Shopping Plaza of any populated block during a concert. There will be auto matchmatching in harder content, but you can also search for/join existing parties that aren't locked for things like expeditions when selecting the quest. For a more consistent community I'd recommend joining an active alliance of likeminded folks. You can search for recruiting alliances at the visiphone in game, but if you want a better feel I'd talk to folks in the recruiting section of this forum, the Reddit bi-weekly alliance thread, or on the PSO2 fleet discord. My understanding is that many alliances use their own discord channel for voice chatting as opposed to the in-game option.

  3. Can't help here. I play on controller and know that M&KB has more customization options , but not sure if that extends to menu actions.

@SourDiesel when the red circle is flashing it means that your mag is ready to unleash it's photon blast

@SourDiesel I can't help you with that one since I play the Xbox one version

thank you

where is block 34? i dont see that in my quick menu

@SourDiesel You'll have to jump in an elevator to change blocks. There are 2 in the gate area on the ends next to the Daily Order officer and the Collection Folder officer. There are also some in all the other areas (shopping plaza, franca's cafe, and casino).

How do I enter an ARKS League event?

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How do I enter an ARKS League event?

When you get the notice that it has started I believe you can immediately start participating. In the same menu where you have the Event Information you should be able to see the ARKS League to see where you are currently placed if I recall.

As for what the actual enemies are I recall it being posted on the official website (which if I am not mistaken is to simply defeat Supernatural enemies for points).

@TURION-MOONSTAR You are entered as long as you are logged in or if you log in during the 1.5 hr duration.