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@Fiona-Respha Thank you so much, Yume No Tzuzuki was the one I was looking for

@Apollo-Bruno said in New Recruits! Have a question? Post it here!:

Bruno, from Portugal, and I see the game is amazing!!!! Very good with epic fights and bosses, music and many activities to do, all good. The only thing I feel bad is we got female or male outfits and stuff and people can´t even sell or use, make me sad, this is the only point negative for me, but if anyone need a Ranger ARK I´m on ship 1 EU.


Can I transfer characters to a server that I already have 3 characters on without buying anything extra? I already have them set to transfer on next maintenance, could I make 3 additional characters before then and they transfer over so I have 5 characters on a server?

@SneakySquid You have a total limit of characters across all Ships (it's either 12 or 20, I forget), with no limit of how those are distributed, meaning you can have them distributed amongst all Ships or have them all on a single Ship.

You only get 3 free characters per account regardless of which Ship they are on, and any additional ones will need to be purchased; for example, you can have one character on Ship 01, another on Ship 02, and another on Ship 03, but if you want one on Ship 04, you must buy a character creation permit (remember, this is not a permanent character slot).

Did Rising Weapons Badge 3 stop dropping with episode 5 release? I have not seen a single one since the update and I'm stuck without a way to upgrade my harmonizer to the new one (it requires a +35 weapon and I can't get the ones I need to upgrade without these badges).

The only path I see at the moment is to down-trade (2 for 1...? Ugh) Weapon 4 badges for 3's and I cannot believe that would be the only avenue available.... is it?

Edit to add: I have now gone back to every previous episode and haven't seen a single one there, either. Unique, yes. Photon Boosts from heaven, yes. Rising Weapon Badge 3? Not. A. One.

this might seem like stupid ask im only a few weeks old but is there somewhere that's posts about weekly dt/ I know I've been getting a notification in game about doing stuff for ; like example ios quest before dt on 10/7 but there's nothing on the main site so are we having dt or no. sorry for such a newb ask

@OafishTooth3027 The News section of the site will always post when we are having a maintenance and any new campaigns. For your own personal reference, maintenance only happens every other week in general, and if there is an exception, it will be posted in the aforementioned News section.

also another new question i have two theme lilpa and floating continent can't remember how I got em but when I try to use em they don't work what am I doing wrong

@OafishTooth3027 If you mean Personal Quarters themes, then they cannot be used for the Default Mini-Room; you can only use them in the expanded Personal Quarters Layouts (you can get a 3-Day Personal Quarters Pass from the ExCube Shop for 1 ExCube).


im have 90 days and using room A at least i think when i go to settings it says small room and wont let me do anything.

@OafishTooth3027 Those passes are for the Scenery, not for the design of the room; there is a separate option for that.

@AndrlCh so how do i access that i didn't see anything simple like set design

@OafishTooth3027 It's the "Move Quarters" option.


Does Sidestep stack on one another?

My Braver has sidestep and my Hunter has sidestep both have 0.20 sec if I max it out on both will I have 0.40sec?

@RainGnyu They do not; only the higher leveled of the two will be active.