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When are Limited Quests coming?

Is there a way to make the mini map more readable?

Hi I have a few question I did not really find via google, forum search or reddit:

  1. Does the Mission Pass Gold works backwards? Say if I am not sure if I can climb all 30 tiers per month, first I'd claim the basic rewards and in case I can complete all tiers I want to use a Gold Pass and claim alle the rewards from tier 1. Does this work this way?

  2. I am using a Saika Revolucio + 30 from the collection sheath. I have seen that Homura No Benirenge - even at +35 - is sold pretty cheap. Do you think this it is a good idea to change my weapon right now or should I save up for better weapons after a NA update?

Thank you in advance

@Milk Aside from zooming in (default "M" on the keyboard)? No.


  1. As long as you use the Gold Pass Ticket before the end of the Season, you can collect any reward Tier that you have unlocked.
  2. We are likely a couple of weeks out from Episode 5, and probably a month or so away from the Red Dragon UQ, which will give everyone access the 13* Val series and their 14* Atlas series upgrade, so it may be a good idea just to wait since you will need to save up your meseta to be able to get the S-Grade Augments you want for those Weapons.

Heyo couple of quick party questions.

  1. Any way to disable auto-friend requests after using a player's AI partner?

  2. Any way to permanently set party settings such as password lock?

@DankNugs9429 No and no.

When you use someone else's Friend Avatar, you are sending the friend request, so the normal option to disable friend requests (or is that just for party invites?) doesn't work.

Party Settings can only be saved for the session, not after logging out and in.

Another question. What exactly does it mean when you have a red spinning circle icon over your character? I’m assuming you’re being targeted by the boss for an attack but is there something I need to do? I’ve been spreading out when I have it in case I’m drawing damage to someone else. I generally see people just run around with it.

@Milk I'm going to need more context. Which boss are you talking about? I want to say that it may be a Blight Round being applied to you (which means you take more damage until it wears off), but there are a few other possibilities as well.


That might be it. Off the top of my head it’s that boss Vanguard right before Luther but I’ve seen it in other fights too.

@Milk Ah yes, Apple Doritos.. I mean Apos Dorios. In that case it is Blight Round. There is nothing you can do to get rid of it except wait and dodge since it can make you more susceptible to OHKOs.


Ah ok, thank you very much! I’m still in XIV mindset so I was overthinking it.

Is it better for tech users to focus all elements or just one?

I've been going nuts trying to find it, but does anyone know the name of one of the songs in the lobby, an upbeat one that is not Geki! Teikoku Kageikidan- Shinsou ?

@GM-Deynger Hi there I´m Bruno, from Portugal, and I see the game is amazing!!!! Very good with epic fights and bosses, music and many activities to do, all good.

The only thing I feel bad is we got female or male outfits and stuff and people can´t even sell or use, make me sad, this is the only point negative for me, but if anyone need a Ranger ARK I´m on ship 1 EU.