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Another newbish question here...

Was reading up on the tickets (like Tokyo Silver/Gold, etc) and supposedly you get a Silver ticket if you do all your dailies and a gold if you complete all your weeklies.

However, I have NOT seen this, and have not gotten tickets for the characters I've completed dailies (and weekly in one case) on. Is there something else to it? Is it possibly based on level (both of them are at or under 40).

@DocEldritch Tokyo Silver Keys do not become part of your Daily ARKS Missions until the day after your character hits level 50, and Tokyo Gold Keys become part of your Weekly ARKS Missions after the weekly reset (Wednesday @1AM PDT) after your character hits level 50.

Ah ha! So it is level based. I was wondering! Thank you, that makes a lot more sense now.

If I want to link steam and windows account do I have to download both steam version and windows version of the game? The game is not exactly small.

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@Foxkey Yes, you have to a Microsoft Store version or XBox version of the game available to be able to link to Steam. The link code needs to be obtained from the MS version and is only valid for 15 minutes.


The Windows Code you get does NOT have to come from the same computer as your Steam Install.

Which means you could use a laptop or something else to grab the code.

Also you can download both at once, since they're downloading from 2 different places.

Can someone tell me how to use AC Scratch Tickets? The only option I see when I try to figure it out is "buy more for 2000ac". Now I've got 24... and I still don't know how to actually use them. Help?

@Ekajata Have your Tickets in your Inventory, open the Menu, go over to the AC Menu (ie, the Shopping Cart icon), and select "Play Scratch Tickets". Click on the Scratch you want to use them on (Earth Defenders, Persona Paradox, etc.), and a menu will pop up; click "Play with AC Scratch Ticket (You have #)" or "Play 12times with AC Scratch Tickets (You have #)".

@AndrlCh Thank you. I'm spent. Heh.

Hi all. Totally beginner here, picked up sommoner for my first class and having some questions regarding the pets. I hope this is the right place to ask and I apologize in advance if it is not. Is it useful to invest making my Wanda pet I first got better or should I replace it once I get a higher star wanda egg? In some guides it says I should get a light Wanda, but mine is fire. Can I change this or do I need a new egg for it?

@Leyaa you can change its element any time you want (you can buy candies in shop wich changes the pets element) you have to put the candy in the sweet box of the pet tho


also its ok to boost your can change it into a jinga (wich is potentially better) by using a same star or higher star jinga egg (if you upgrade your 7 star wanda with lets say a 11 star jinga egg you will get a 11 star jinga)

if you want a permanent light element without having to use a candy you could simply turn your wanda (wich got boosted) into an egg and transfer the boosts to the new light egg like in screenshot


@JuggernautGTX wow that's an impressive response time. thanks a lot 🙂 I am not sure though I understand the egg transfer thing. if i want to change the element of my pet permanently (without using candy), I have to use another egg and all the property of my wanda egg (like level, personality) will take over to the new egg/pet?

@Leyaa just the boosted status of it as you can see in the screenshot (you use the egg like any other via synthesis) the personality only changes if you upgrade your pet i nthe pet shop - there you can choose wich personality you want (lets say your wanda is personality A and the other wanda or jinga egg has personality B you can choose wich you like)

ah, I see. thanks again for your help 🙂