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Why charge us to sell items it’s bloody stupid

Since it doesn't say "Main class only" on it, can a main class benefit from having high level bonus on the sub class?

@DankNugs9429 Yes, a subclass' High Level Bonus will apply to the main class.

Nice! Thanks πŸ˜„

Ok, here is my probably very dumb question...

I've been poking around, still only level 13. I picked up the summer event missions from Xia. And I have NO idea how to complete them. I can't figure out how to get to this resort area she is talking about to do any of the missions. I am certain I'm missing something insanely simple, but not sure what. Any help would be appreciated.

@DocEldritch Everything she is talking about is just flavor text. The conceit of the her Client Orders is that she is preparing for a beach event, and you are running errands for her to make sure it goes off without issue. All you have to do is complete the Objective for each. Though since you are just level 13, you will likely have to unlock more of the Expeditions before you can do so, since many of the enemies she requires you to kill come from specific areas that need to be unlocked first.

Ah ok, that makes sense. I'd figured since they said something like "from level 1", I could do them easily. I'll just keep plugging away at leveling and opening up areas! Thanks!

can i buy the zelsuis suit off somebody?

can i buy last seasons season pass sicne its causing me fomo that i couldnt buy the zelsuis suit or get it in game and it looks good

@Kwars01 Unfortunately, you cannot. Zelsius is from the Mission Pass, and Mission Pass items are untradable. Additionally, you cannot increase the Tiers on a previous Mission Pass; once the season is over you can only collect items from the previous Mission Pass that you unlocked before the season's end.

@AndrlCh welp good thing i wont be spending money on this then. Back to STAR WARS: the old republic which has a much better fashion systemand came out in 2011, before this game in JP. WHERE EVERYTHING IS AVAILABKE ON THE PLAYER MARKET and theres no season pass crap, just getting better gear up to the max of 306 rating just doing whatever you want to do, story, expeditions, raids, etc. with a much better UI and less overly complicated systems. on the same engien as PSO2

@AndrlCh thank you btwfor putting an end to my agony of extreme FOMO even worse than destiny 2.

if they adopted 343 industries season pass approach, i may spend money on this as they allow you to UNLOCK ANY SEASONS REWARDS starting at the beginning tier for each previous season and let you pick and choose from all seasons according to the tier you unlocked for each individual season. thus no fomo and bitter angry newbies leaving like I am.

Fuck this "fomo artificially time gated bullshit" seriously. theres NO reason to sub to this games abusive practices when i care about teh fashion endgame more than anything in an mmo.

this is one of the very reasons why fortnite and destiny 2 died

Does anyone know how to take a screenshot without any of the extra status stuff showing on the screen? With just the characters and the background basically πŸ™‚

@Kittychubs There are three ways:

  1. Set your Screenshot Settings to hide the UI via the in-game options (this makes it so ALL screeenshots have the UI hidden).
  2. Hold down Ctrl when you hit PrntScrn.
  3. Use the chat command "/uioff #" (this one will hide the UI in-game for the number of seconds you replace the # with, up to 600 seconds; if you don't put a number at all [ie. just put "/uioff"], it defaults to 10 seconds).

@AndrlCh Thanks so much ❀