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@GM-Deynger Thank you very much! Very quick response too. 👍

Has there been any changes to the game's difficulty since early 2015? Perhaps something like the creatures getting a nerf or vastly superior gear getting released into the game?

PSO2 has never really been a super difficult game but I ask because I remember it being at least more challenging than this. I remember fights with SH exploration bosses taking longer and some like Quartz Dragon being able to actually kill you from time to time. Playing this version i'm not really feeling any sort of challenge like that.

@DankNugs9429 There have been many adjustments to difficulty since 2015. Currently, the NA version of the game is based on an ealry-2020 build of the JPN version in terms of balancing, so it is basically tuned to get players to the Ultra Hard difficulty as quickly as possible, with lower difficulties meant to basically be bypassed, but since Ultra Hard and the various means of power-leveling (Level Up Quests and Bonus Quests) are not yet available and the cap is at 75, you are stuck in that lower difficulty content. Add on to that that they have released weapons that far outperform what would have been available for Episode 3 content, and you basically get a version of the game that is "easier" than it should be for the content.

@AndrlCh Hey thanks that's much more detail than I was expecting and explains a lot!

As for the mission pass item, is there anyway to trade it for something or it is stuck to selling it. As i have a few unwanted mission pass item and my storage is pretty much dying from all the material

@ShiruyaSRY you cannot sell those to other players and youre stuck with them - you can exchange them at the mission pass swap shop tho


ah nice ! thank you

Why weren't the sabers, brands, and blades from the old PSO included in PSO2? They were cool and reminded me of the light sabers in star wars

Anyone know why skill reset passes still aren't available in the shop?

@DankNugs9429 Because aside from the All Skill Tree Resets that are given out on occasion, they have superseded the old AC single tree reset (1000 AC) with the SG Swap Skill Tree option, even on the JPN server. Basically, what they intend for you to do is to buy an additional Skill Tree (500AC), then use the Swap option to clear it when you need to (100SG [20SG costs 100AC] per each move, so 200SG to swap back and forth to clear it and put it back on the class you want).

oh ok thanks! Is the sg option currently in game?

@DankNugs9429 Yes, it is the option with the SG icon at the Class Counter.

@AndrlCh Hey thanks your super helpful!

@GM-Deynger Thank you for the assistance!

Any way to disable the "Let's be friends" pop-up?