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Anyone know if augments like S4 will be added in with the Ep4 content?

@DankNugs9429 S Grade Augments are already in the game with the Mars series; their SAF gives the an S2 Augment. S4s we will likely not see until Episode 5 since the first series that can use them is the Atlas series.

Thanks - Oof omega rip killing me inside that I can't have the gear I want 😢

Is there a guide to what certain symbols mean? Like in the mission select, item boxes etc? Like the only symbol I know is the circle with the line through means it's untradable. But that's it

@AvantSol I don't think there's some guide focused on such symbols. Probably you have to ask about each one 😕

The box icons on the recommended quests list mean you can earn a special reward by finishing that quest with a result rank of A or S. You can receive this reward once per day, for each recommended quests. So a recommended quest without this box icon means you've already received the daily reward.

Note: the special rewards for the recommended quests are counted per ship, at least in JP server (I haven't confirmed about this on NA). So if someone has a character on each of the 3 ships, probably they'll be able to receive 9 rewards each day.

But I think the merit of being all one's characters in the same ship, is far greater than the count of special rewards. We'd better not to forget that we have absolutely no info on when the ship tranfer feature will be introduced on NA.

Hello how do i start farming slave and nemesis gear pls

I have no idea how to choose skill rings for Braver. I tried to look for guides but there are rings that don't even exist. Can someone please explain this madness?

@Aureignevia You need to be level 70, then you can start running Ultimate Quests to hunt for them.

@Foxkey It is possible that some of the rings you are seeing in the guides just have different names due to JPN and NA differences, but it it also likely that the rings mention just may not be in the game yet due to needing Ep4 materials, like the Crit Strike ring.

is there a limit of times on returning pet to egg, use them and return them to egg again?

@WillfulChart930 There is not. You just need to keep in mind that each time you do it, it completely resets the Pet's Sweets Box, so there is the SG cost of first removing all the Sweets (they are completely destroyed if you don't do that first), and an ExCube cost since all Caramel Cubes are restored when you rehatch the Egg.

another question is do pet's stats matter much or only player stats do ? my pet has +52 tec from sweet box but its damage doesn't feel really good

@WillfulChart930 Both Player and Pet stats are taken into consideration for damage calculations.

does bouncer's break stance apply to broken breakable parts ? like dark ragne legs

@WillfulChart930 It only applies to parts that can be broken once or multiple times.

In the case of Ragne's legs, it has two states of breakable status, but once the leg is fully exposed, it no longer applies; in contrast, we have Quartz Dragon whose nose can be continuously "broken" even after the Crystal covering is gone.

which one is better for bossing ? sword vs partizan