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anyone know if its possible to get the outfin manon is wearing yet i want that for my char

@Black probably will be but the question you want is when and that no one knows.

@Jamesmor That sucks how about the link to the site that has like a bar and graph chart of classes and sub glasses. Had to reset my comp a while back and lost it but know if say you wanted to go force techter it shows you how what skills you needed to trai.

try the clothing shop when you find it

@TURION-MOONSTAR one of the first buildings you see heading into central city right

Hello! a New Recruiter here! hope someone can help me with these questions:

  1. Which is the best zone to lvl from 15 to 20 (i'd assume this iwll also be the best place to farm items)
  2. Which is the best combination in foods and quantity? (in general or for forced if possible)
  3. How do i get costumes? i've seen people with very nice outfits
  4. Where do i get RESET TALENT TREE TICKET (I can't even find it at AC SHOP) (and i already wasted mine jeje)

@Novas I can only answer your third question but you have some choices here.

  • If you use the old body you can return to Phantasy Star Online 2 and visit the Player Shops there for the cosmetics they have (or participate in the Rewind AC Scratch for costumes ther). However, these use the old body type so you will not have finger animations and the quality of the cosmetics varies greatly under the new graphics engine. On the Japanese side some of these cosmetics are already available for New Genesis-specs as "N-Type" clothing in the Renew Scratches.

  • In terms of New Genesis and the new body types/accessories, you can look at the Player Shops in the center of the shopping area to see what players have put up for sale. Otherwise you can alternatively look in the Scratch Tickets menu under the "Shop" icon in the menu and pay to draw the cosmetics.

Due to the lack of variety so far, you may be looking at the old cosmetics from Phantasy Star Online 2 which should largely still be available for the most part.

@Novas There is an option at the class counter to pay to reset your skill trees. The passes are given out sparingly, usually when new classes are added or if there is a skill rebalance.

Heya guys! New player here.

I just have 2 questions for now:

1 - About the login bonuses: Are they account wide or per character? I made a character just to try the game out, and got past the prologue and got the 1st day rewards. But then I created my actual one on another server, but never got the Salon tickets from the 1st day login ...

2 - Outfit options in Salon post-creation: I noticed when creating a new character that there seemed to be more options and there were many outifts to choose for your character. But now in the ingame Salon, the outfit section is empty (I wanted to test them out with the ingame lightning). Are the outifts only available on the first creation and now I have to buy them somewhere to unlock them?


Okay, I'm coming here to ask a question because I've run out of ideas. I'm playing NGS on Xbox, and still trying to get through the tutorials. It has me put this photon blast on my bar, use the dpad to move over to it, then it tells me to press "L" to use it. Best I can tell that's the left joystick, which pressing it in does not execute the action. In fact, no button on my controller seems to execute the action at all. What in the world is "L" and how do I move forward?

@TriggeredJar The L is pressing the Left analog/joystick down. Photon Blast specifically has to be charged first, which they should do it for you during that tutorial, if I'm not mistaken.

If you're unsure the button is working, try using another thing that's in the the bar, like the health/revive thingies or some other thing that you can assign.

Hi, i started recently with PSO2 NG and i'm having fun so far.

Now i unlocked the sub-class and i want to choose wisely so im looking for an advice as i couldn't find any guide. For now my main class is Figther using daggers and wanted to choose Gunner for sub-class, is this combo good? or i better go for another one. I was thinking about Hunter and Gunner too.

@REVIENTAOYOS2007 you can go with any subclass, NGS changed how subclass work and giving more freedom with the classes choices

@TriggeredJar just like the regular pso2 you must click the left stick to activate things in the sub palate

to all that wonder what classes are best

there are no right or wrong choices because it's a matter of personal preference