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a question I just bought aris hairstyle the problem is every hairstyle isn't named just marked as a base so say eventually I can afford to win xion hair if there all market as a base number hth am I supposed to tell them apart

@OafishTooth3027 Non-default hairstyles will have their names listed, but due to the way that hairstyles are arranged in the list, they may be somewhere between the default "base" ones; it is a good idea to favorite the hairstyle after you find it in your listt so that you quickly get back to it whenever.

A question from a newbie alliance officer. When I watered the photon tree, do I have to go out and back from the alliance quarters to see whether the tree status actually changed? If so, is there some good destination with less loading time?

Please exclude Bridge, because currently there's a strange bug that Cofy casts bind ailment in the form of notification 😲


@Fiona-Respha If by status you mean the message on the Tree when you go up to it, then you can tell what it is based on the maximum amount of water you can add to it is (I don't know the exact phrases that are used), even if the message doesn't update. If the maximum amount of water that can be added is less than 44,000, then it it at it's "healthiest", and from there it "health" goes down by every 4000, with no effect on the buffs that the tree has; however, if it becomes fully depleted (ie. it needs 60,000 to fill it), then the buffs will not be accessible until water is added.

If you mean the visual change from leveling the tree, then it will happen automatically once the tree's buffs total levels hit certain thresholds.

@AndrlCh Ah, thanks. I just wanted to double check the status. If simply watering to the stated level is enough, then that's fine. Knowing that is great.

Honestly, I don't fully believe the UIs of this game. So even if I thought I should have given the tree enough water to take it back to the hale and hearty status, I couldn't be sure when the displayed tree status didn't change at all 😄

Two questions because I’m still learning.

I just made my own alliance and right now it’s level 4, what level does it need to be to change what the base looks like and how many alliance points does that cost?

Also what are you supposed to do in Buster quest grade 2 when the castle shoots a beam at all of the towers? Our towers were instantly scorched and we’re stumped. Putting a shield on my tower didn’t save it from the blast. 😞


  • You can change the Alliance Quarters scenery at Level 3 for 2000 AP; the change will last for 30 days.
  • A couple of people need to run back toward the castle and attack the cannons before they get a chance to fire.


Thanks a bunch! That was an embarrassing loss.

@OafishTooth3027 you also can double equip a fashion item to set it as a fave so that way your always able to have the ones you like the best be put into a special tab

What weapon has Elder Reverie on it?

@RainGnyu any drops by Omega Hunar has a chance to have it.

@Cloudonpot said in New Recruits! Have a question? Post it here!:

@RainGnyu any drops by Omega Hunar has a chance to have it.

There is nothing called 'Omega Hunar' in this game?

@Kurumi-Tokisaki "Omega Hunar" is the fan patch name for "Omega Hyunal", the Omega version of Falz Hyunal.

What are the best units as of now for Hunters?

so firstly when i try to enter the personal shop it asks me for a five digit pin number that i never set up, thats number one. and number two every time i try to go to the support chat or whatever the support button leads too. im brought back to the login page in what seems to be an infinite loop. i dont remember how many times it asked me to sign into steam just to loop me back and sign me out again are you guys working on this? im missing out on all the awesome stuff from the personal shops.