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@ZeeHero9271 If they are taking no stances whatsoever, you are just looking at bad builds by people who probably don't understand the mechanics of the game.

If you are a Katana-main, you get more consistent damage from Basic since many of the PAs will not hit weak points; while it is beneficial to have Precision for situations where a weak point is easily accessible, that situation is less common with the current content we have. Precision is definitely more geared toward Bow-main since you can aim for headshots in OTS.

Having both Stances works Skill Point-wise for single-weapon Braver builds, but due to the current lack of SP, it is not as feasible with hybrid builds.


So you're saying if I do an only katana or only bow build I should take both stances, but if I do only one of them I take only basic?

@ZeeHero9271 With the SP we have, yes, you can take both Basic and Precision if you are only using one weapon just due to the fact that you only need to focus on one set of specialized Skills (Katana Counter/Combat or Rapid Fire/Charged Shot).

You can attempt to take both stances with a build where you will use both weapon types, but you will have to sacrifice points for the sake of getting your SP's worth of those specialized Skills. If you only have to pick one stance Basic is just the more consistent, even if it isn't the one with the highest damage potential, but it comes down to your style and skill.

(note: once we get to lv95, a dual-stance full hybrid build will leave you with SP to spare)

are there any guilds I can join? as this game sucked on JP to play alone.

@Kwars01 There is a whole section dedicated to Alliances right here:

Where is the appraisal shop? What does it cost to have all these "special weapons" appraised?

@6The6Kid6 It is in the Shopping Plaza. The NPC is wearing a red uniform.

Each one can cost in the 2000 to 3000 meseta range to appraise.

Can someone explain like I'm a 5 year old, how to get a recolor ticket so I can customize my Cast's colors again?

Is it only available in swap shop? And how does that work? thank you

@TehFriskyDingo They come from two sources:

  1. Mission Pass. There is one in the regular tiers and one in the extended tiers.
  2. Swap Shop. For this one, you need to have 14 items that came from the AC Scratch (they have a green border with a little AC icon) and/or Recycle Badges in your Inventory, then select the Color Change Pass from the Swap Shop; you select the items you want to use in the exchange, and then once you confirm, you are given the Color Change Pass.

Once we get normal, colored, non-seasonal, non-mini Rappy Suits given out, you can also exchange one for a Color Change Pass at Swap Shop 2 (you need to physically go to Kameo in the Shopping Plaza for that).

Eventually, probably when Episode 4 is released, we should get an update to the Log-In Stamps that will give you one Color Change Pass on the tenth Stamp of the card, so one a month for free players, and 2 a month for Premium.

What are the ways to earn SG in NA other than titles and 1-time missions right now?

Don't see the usual methods of farming from JP yet Casino, PvP, PSO2es, IDOLA, Magatsu bonus keys

edit: i guess also AC scratch costumes but that is so low SG

@TehFriskyDingo Mission card gold rewards sometimes give one as well.

Accidentally traded my weapon to the swap shop any way to get back?

@Rhysticalz Not that I know of, but you can lock your weapon so you don't do it again

How do I activate my ragebuilt trigger?

@Rhysticalz Ragebuilt? Is it enemy trigger? Translation is wonky- not sure what trigger you are talking about.

But for enemy triggers, you need to create a new room in the area that the mob can spawn in - and on the very bottom, there's Enemy Triggers section that allows you to select viable triggers for the area before you accept it.