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Do we have any idea when the next level cap increases going to happen?

are items from the campaigns account or chararter bound?

@BCGC-Hydro Not any. Ask dev about the future! (most likely they won't answer) 😢

@ShadowWolf-2257 Most of the campaign rewards are likely to be account bound, but ARKS Bingo is character bound. The weapon camo reward from Xia's client orders is very likely to be character bound, but I can't assert.

Is there a founders pack for PC? When I check the Windows 10 launch page, it mentions it, but then when I click on the link it only mentions Xbox 😕

Can the outfits included in the Ragol Edition / Ragol Memories be dyed a different colour? I want me some blue FOmarl clothes, and only blue will do! (purchase literally depends on this 😓 ) Also, if I want to play something akin to PSO1's FOmarl, should I go Force or Techter? Any tips?

Thanks in advance.

@Knockin-heaven Yes you can change the color of those outfits with a "Change Color" Pass. Do note though, you can only change its 'primary' color.

Want a good FOmarl experience? You could go with Force as your main-class and Techter as your sub-class.

I just found out about the Friend Referral System how the heck do I use that and how long has it been there!?!?!

also is it possible to use with someone you have already started playing the game with?

I see that when I go to create my first character, it asks me for a friend's ID to get a gift. My friend hasn't received their ID yet and I was wondering how you go about getting this gift later as I'm struggling to find this info.

I have a question about how armor looks on different races. Do different races have their own armor appearance like in Tera? Because I'm looking through the race selection and everyone's wearing different armor, but then I get to Deumans and they're all wearing the same suit, just different colored.

Went further into the character creator and saw the different armor, so I guess I answered my question. I don't have the privileges required to delete my own post though, apparently.

How do you switch the voice acting to Japanese?

How do I change the Harddrive where it downloads? It keeps downloading on my 😄 Drive and won't download to my 😧

I know that you both need premium to trade, but how do you trade in general? We both have premium, but I can't remember how to initiate a trade.

@Princesse-Jen It is done from the nearby character menu; you can either click on the other person with your mouse, or select their name from the Nearby Characters option in the Communication menu.

is there any way we can be able to see the mobs hp like on bosses? thanks for the help in advance.

@jadedrosewood No, there is not.