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so when do we get the bonus quests implemented?

@AndrlCh I have checked every tab I can see in it and nothing ><

Update. It is now in the game pass claim perks ^^

@Xiongzzle26 Whenever they implement Ep4 content.

Question about these new quests for the vets:

  1. For the Party play requirement, does playing in a party and completing Urgent Quests like fighting the big varda count? I did it at least 4 times yesterday, so I may have it fulfilled.
  2. Is there any way to tell how much of the requirements you've fulfilled, like somewhere where it says I've done the party play 4 out of 5 times?
  3. I'm having trouble starting a group chat. I go over to the chat and I can chat to area, but that's about it. I can use RB to go between area, friend and group chat. However, when I try it, I get a message that seems to indicate that there's nobody to chat with. I don't have any friends in the game (and I'm fine with that for now. 😉 ) but I'd really like to get this group chat thing done to get the reward. Is there an easy way to group chat?


  1. Any time you play in a party of 3 ot 4 should count, so UQ, ARKS Quests, Expeditions, anything.

  2. No, not really. All you can really do is check who you have partied with from your Communication menu.

  3. You need to actually create or join a Group Chat Channel. You can only invite Friends to your Group Chat, and vice-verse.

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@AndrlCh Thanks for all of the info!

Looks like I need to make some friends if I want a puyo! If anyone is on ship 2 and wants to group chat, let me know. My Player ID is nattybohman

Psu player migration, any party’s on pso2 that actually use the mic, and can walk me through few things to get up to scratch as a lot has changed (gamer tag: DonnyE5)(player Id: Donny)

@GM-Deynger When finishing the prologue, do I have to make a new charcter? I can't find the character I made for the prolouge.

@StinkySteve782 Are you sure you went to the right Ship to look for your character?

@StinkySteve782 said in New Recruits! Have a question? Post it here!:

@GM-Deynger When finishing the prologue, do I have to make a new charcter? I can't find the character I made for the prolouge.

Yes, be sure that you have selected the correct Ship that you created the prologue character on. Even if you did not fully complete the prologue, the character should still be listed as available to play, though you'll have to go through the prologue again.

Can you have more than one mag equipped?

@GREATLONEWOLF No, you can only equip one Mag at a time, though you can buy multiples and swap over to them at anytime from your Mag menu.

Hi all,

New to the game and just realized it is an open beta, does this mean we will lose our characters once it's over?


@Orbe No, they have said that all OBT characters and progress will be transferred over to full release.