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@SpookyOh In addition to what @Fiona-Respha said, when you actually have it on your Mag, the Mag will drop the Attomizers on the ground, so you need to pick them up.

@AndrlCh and @Starfallen It worked! Thanks a lot. Now I can switch back and forth easily. I'm having so much fun. I think I may be getting a little too addicted to this game though. I'm playing every night after work for several hours and on the weekends it's a little out of control. Quality quarantine entertainment! 😊 👍

Changing Races! Is it possible to change your race without having to create another character and rank it back up? I'm finding out the hard way that Sega discriminates harshly against female CASTs by barring them from wearing 90% of the outfits in this game. The outfits that I want to buy in the Personal Shop from other players are wearable by all races except female CASTs. I'm so frustrated at this point that if Sega doesn't release outfits for female CASTs that I'm going to abandon her and create a new female from the other races. The discrimination is real!

@Mavrickjubei Nope, race or gender changing is not possible.

soo does dex count as mel, rng, and tec? Will it be good on mag?

@Xiongzzle26 DEX is a stat that helps to stabilize damage done and received (ie. the difference between minimum damage and maximum damage).

If you are a Braver or Bouncer, a DEX Mag is a good idea since those classes have Mag Skills that turn that DEX into PWR, but other than that, no, it is not a good Mag for any other class.

The thing you need to know about DEX is that once you have a 7*+ Weapon (except Red series Weapons), its stabilization property is less useful because those Weapons have a bonus to them that makes the difference between your minimum and maximum damage only ~10%, which is higher than most reasonable levels of DEX can get you (you need something like 800+ DEX to match it depending on how much PWR the weapon has). In general, once you reach that point, you are better off trying to increase your Critical Rate instead.

which episode is the first scion? Is it when Tokyo exploration show up?

@Xiongzzle26 Episode 5, the one after the Earth plot.

Is it possible to only wear innerwear? I have a female CAST and it seems like I can only wear basewear. I am curious because I want to know if it's worth it to go for innerwear items.

@RezB0aDog No, you cannot. Eventually, there will be some Basewear that shows the Innerwear more clearly.

@AndrlCh Okay thank you! I am happy to know I am not crazy and missing out on an option. So basewear is my main goal, and if it's got some openings to show skin, innerwear goes there. Got it, thank you! How did you make a signature like that, it's super nice and clean!

@AndrlCh You're the absolute best!

I think my stupid is showing yet again >< I have no idea how to claim my game pass ultimate bundle..I checked my email, checked my game pass and not seeing any code @_@ where would I find it?

@SpookyOh I believe it will be in the Game Pass App.