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Why didn't they tell us that if you don't pick the same ship as your friends. You won't be able to play with them unless you make a new character. I dunno, seems important to me 😪

Pretty standard on almost all free to plays. (GW2 is not free to play. It's freemium / buy to play. Same with TESO.)

New here. How do you chat from within the Xbox One?

@GM-Deynger any update on the fresh finds shop?

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@GM-Deynger any update on the fresh finds shop?

It was posted a while ago that the fresh finds shop would re-open on the 31st:

All of the items will be untradeable once it re-opens.

Mission "Your not alone" . My wife and i play together and don't want to be in an Alliance at this point but want to get this done. Out of consideration i do not want to join an alliance and the just drop out. Or is this what people do?

@Metaltpunk There are solo-friendly Alliances that are fine with a lack of socializing or being used as just a quick pass through. If you are on Ship 1, I have no issue with you joining us, then dropping out after the campaign.

@AndrlCh Thankyou. I main on ship 3 but do have a char on 1.

@Metaltpunk Luckily both rewards are Tickets that are Account-bound when used, not Ship-bound, so being in an Alliance on Ship 1 will still have them show up on your Ship 3 character (though you might have to collect and use them on your Ship 1 character first). If you want to go ahead and do that, go ahead and shoot me a DM here and we'll hammer things out.

hmm what is the mag food set requirements again?

@Xiongzzle26 Hit level 30; it is the Main ARKS Mission that comes after the one that requires you to turn in the Subclass CO to Cofy.

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got a big one! are we able to save AC scratch tickets for later? or if I get some now do I have to use them on recuit line only?

@SpookyOh They can be used on any AC scratches, including the future ones 🙂

Thanks so much!!

Oops, sorry one more. there is a mag device that says it produces items like Moon Atomizers at regular intervals. Do I get those items? or does it use them?

@SpookyOh That's "Production Device: AoE Recovery", I suppose. Probably, buying one in the personal shop will be the easiest way to get one. Fortunately, ship 1 has some sellers with reasonable prices.

Don't forget we need to use the "Use Device" command instead of "Feed Item", to use these mag devices on our mags.