Nem vs slave

Which one are you guys gona grab? i was thinking nem is the better if your Hu sub but id like to know other opinions

@DcSwagga28 the only difference between the 2 is that at Potential Level 3, they both grant 17% Power unconditionally and also give you a barrier that regenerates after 30 seconds if broken. The barriers will only take one hit before breaking, but give you additional bonuses as long as they are active and will not expire until you are hit. The Slave barrier gives 20% faster natural PP regen, 30% bonus PP regen on attacks, and knockback immunity. The Nemesis barrier reduces damage taken by 60% and reduces PP consumption by 20%. If you don’t get hit, you’ll keep the bonuses.

Good chance by the time I can get one of those weapons we'll have 14 and 15 star gear. They're just way to expensive to buy and I'm not yet there to grind for them.

Yeah I hear that your better off saving for crafting when it comes out

@DcSwagga28 It depends on your weapon being either bow or katana and how experienced you are.

Nemesis is more preferable in comparison to slave due to -PP consumption especially for bow allows more PAs used in banishing combos and katana being able to get more Gekka combos in. Not to mention the -dmg acts as a clincher especially during boss battles where you accidentally slip up and get one hit.

Slave is a cheaper option and is as good, just doesn't enable you to squeeze a few more hits into your combos for bursting but in return you usually have less PP management issue due to the amount of PP regen sources you get from the weapon alone leading you to attack more often. If you have trouble with PP issues using bow, highly suggest getting slave, while your banishing combos is a few hits less, you can still get as much DPS due to being able to recover PP quickly from weapon potential.

Comparison between the two:

If you want to be able to squeeze more hits in your combos when a boss is down/stunned to burst more often, get Nemesis.

If you have PP management issue or want a more consistent overall DPS, get Slave.

Wait does the buff work with KCombat? Since your inmmune does that mean the shield wont break for the 20s?

@DcSwagga28 thats a damn good question never thought of that but one would assume so. ill have to test it out on a practice run. @SeriPSO2 i agree the nem is more efficient when it comes to getting more hits in. Yet on Ship2 at least the slave katana cost way more just because of the aesthetic. Which i'm grateful for since my nem cost less then what i sold my yamigatsaru for.

If anyone is looking to see what the damage can be like with the katana version i made a damage test video with the yamigatsaru +35 and the Nemesis cougar +35. with the nem and brissa armor i've gotten over 500k Yamigatsaru: Nemesis Cougar:

@Irishking-436 well let me kno when you test it!

@DcSwagga28 gonna try out today ill let you know when the vid is up

I think the particular passive just removes your hurtbox while KCombat is active so you should retain the buff during KCombat.