What are your favorite classes to play in PSO2? Take the poll!

What are your favorite classes to play in PSO2? Take the poll and share the results!


Hero Hunter Techter

I was always fond of Etoile. Tanky, hard-hitting class that has high mobility? Yes.

Definitely Summoner it's painful having to level all the other classes ­čś×

Everything else is trash once you have played Phantom & Etoile.

The amount of BS you can pull with both those classes is insane, and Etoile is basically easy mode.

Even just spamming Etoile┬┤s double saber Weapon Action can hit for 3/4 times per second with each hit doing 100k+ damage on weak points, with said weapon action also protecting you if timed right, and teleporting/dashing you to the targeted enemy if they escape.

That┬┤s not to even get started with some of the PA┬┤s which can be chained and hit for about 500k damage each even without top tier gear.

And then we get into all the buffs and benefits you can bring to the party if you actually play the class well....

Etoile are an one man army, and the only class that comes close to Gunners.

Here are my top three for the JPN server (with the subclass where applicable):

  1. Bouncer/Phantom (Jet Boots Focus): With fast Focus growth, near instantaneous Tech casting with the JB Tech Arts ring, and full critical rate and damage, I just love the flow and gameplay of this combo.
  2. Phantom: I just love the mechanics of this class overall with all three weapons. Rifle is my favorite here, despite the fact that it is the least effective on Ultra Hard due to increased Ranged resistance.
  3. Braver/Etoile (Bow Focus): Being able to play as an immovable turret is the best, especially in Quests like Elder Arms where I can just set up my chase arrows, shoot a Banish, and quickly get several Piercing shots off for great damage.

On the NA side:

  1. Bouncer/Fighter (Jet Boots Focus): I had forgoteen how fun and satisfying inflicting Bind on everything was.
  2. Force/Techter: It's not as quick and mobile as Fo/Ph, but I there is a certain satisfaction in having to use different Techs for different situations instead of mostly relying on Gizonde and Zonde Type-0.
  3. Braver/Ranger (Bow Focus): Simple standing, OTS Ranged fighting. Not fancy, but satisfying.

I just selected Summoner because it use pets and those are ACTUALLY useful unlike in any MMO ever except few exceptions and also Bouncer because the flow of this class is just amazing, i would have added Phantom maybe but i never played it sooooo i can't tell really.

not surprised force and techer are low they are absolute garbage compared to the others.

@Ki-Rin Honestly i wonder what's the appeal when you have a class that can do better with a lot of mobility (bouncer) lol.

Force was always my favorite class on PSO, so I'm having the most fun with Fo/Te at the moment. Honorable mention to Bouncer though, which is a lot more fun than I expected it to be!

Force, Techer and Etoile.

Fo/Te right now. I love all the different spells and abilities they get.

Really looking forward to Phantom. Haven't played it yet but it looks super fun.

Summoner. It is very versatile when you dive into it, also I have always used Summoner to level other classes, so it is always in my builds one way or another. When Phantom shows up that will be my main for sure, but Summoner will always be with me.

Force/Tech love full on magic

Bow Braver and Gunner so far. Really enjoying Sommoner as well. Hunter with a Partizan is very satisfying to me as well in third place.