inappropriate symbol art spam

@Hakase why does it gotta be one or the other?

@SleeprunnerInc Context is key I think. The ecchi stuff doesn't bother me at all, likewise nor does the ahego face art.

People in the thread have made references to racist symbol art but I haven't experienced/seen that on ship 2, and I've put about 600 hours into the game since the open beta's started. Not saying it doesn't exist, I just haven't come across it.

Mainly all I've seen is ecchi stuff, anime stuff, some boob symbol arts, and video game related stuff, none of which I thought was offensive. I tend to stay out of full capacity blocks though, so that might be why I don't view it as being as big of an issue.

The ahego face symbol art is still not on my auto-chat any more for that reason(rare loot spam). One trip through cradle of darkness and I was like "yep...this has to go, otherwise someone will try to get me banned." It's unfortunate, but it's the world we live in I suppose.

I guess the point I wanted to illustrate(and failed at), was I wished people would speak up and voice their concern/issues with the player in game that offended them and be mature about it, rather than just insta resort to reporting/banning. Yeah, they will have the occasional combative player that will argue/harass them, but I have a feeling a lot people would react like I did and disable the symbol art that bothered them and go on about their day. Seeing any community in a game fragment(for whatever reason) is always a sad thing, rather than seeing them try to work out their differences and pull together.

TOS already says you can't post pornography and nudity and child porn in the NA version of the game. I am not sure why people keep saying "BUT ESRB ONLINE IS NOT RATED" when the game rule in terms of agreement/service already said it. If you didn't read it, then that's your problem.

I've been reporting every one of them through Support and submitting ticket, and I've never had issues with it because the last person who told me to piss off with porn symbol arts on the next day couldnt talk at all and kept running around in circles jumping up and down, and unable to reply to their friend.

So yes. GMs exist and the staffs who read the support ticket actually punishes them.

And "turn off symbol arts" advice is god awful. You can just stop posting porn instead and stop gating people on who don't want to see them but be entertained by other good symbol arts.

@Ravness01 Honestly people are way too sensitive now and taking in to context is harder day by day.

context is very much key and how people view stuff.

That's why if you want to post Loli stuff etc, keep it to you and your friends in private chats.

@SleeprunnerInc said in inappropriate symbol art spam:

That's why if you want to post Loli stuff etc, keep it to you and your friends in private chats.

That is one way to not get in trouble. At least your friends will do the "keep it secret, keep it safe" routine, but if you post that stuff in Live Concert or in lobby with full people, you are likely gonna expect someone report you.

I've seen people try to spam right infront of GM trying to mess with them, they ended up getting perma muted forever instead.

I'm seeing a lot of this too and have been reporting it. However I can't figure out how to /ignore people, or turn symbol art off all together. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks!

@WorkingClass79 Well you can block specific arts and that art will never again show up, go to symbol arts, history, right click a symbol art and block it.

As for blocking people, Press T and click the person and you will have lots of options there.

someone else can tell you how to disable symbol ats alltogether.

@LapisWave Yeah.

It's a case of: Time and Place.

If you want to post that stuff, have fun with it, do it in private somewhere such as Alliance rooms, Personal rooms, or on a specific block where people who do the same thing hang out.

That was the case in JP Ship 2.

I think Block 4 was the one that spammed those symbol arts often and everyone was cool about it cause it was known that block 4 did that.

@WorkingClass79 Found the option to turn off symbol arts.

Go to Settings,Game settings, Chat settings, 4th one down.

I personally am not bothered by inappropriate symbol arts based on sexual content. Yet, posting it in public is disrespectful to those who are uncomfortable with such symbol arts. This is why I'd only post those within the circle of a party I know is comfortable with it. This is going to be the culture of NA, and to keep it healthy, it's best we respect each other rather than expect the culture to be similar to the JP side.

@Ranmaru I wish people in NA respected each other. Unfortunately, that's not our culture.

I find it funny. The person receiving such text art, they must take the extra actions to avoid it. But the people that do it shouldn't do anything at all. Putting the blame and responsibility on the victim and not the criminal for lack of better word.

You just have to love that logic of people defending there actions.

And about GM's doing anything? I have not seen that on ship 1 blocks I been on. Please if you can DM me those names of those GM's so I can directly notify them when I see this pretty much criminal behavior.

Should at least have an "Symbol Art Ban" thing at least. Get a strike or 3 and you can use it anymore. I mean, I know some of you good fellows are lonely degens with body pillows of yer waifu but come on with the fucking child porn and shit.