inappropriate symbol art spam

@Wusscake There is disciplining happening.

You will just not be notified and it is not instantaneous.

Have you ever been a game moderator?

You will have to go through a few hoops and file reports etc about said person before banning them.

If you straight up ban them first, you will often face questioning for breaking the policies and following the guidelines you have been given as a GM.

Just because you don't see it doesn't mean its not happening and just because something might offend you (We do not know what exactly you have seen), doesnt mean it is harmful enough to warrant much attention other than a notice to block the art.

On top of that, the First MMORPG for people argument is a very poor one to be honest since it can be used for anyone anywhere and everyone's experience and tolerance is different.

Some people might actually enjoy this and some might be surprised how open it is and enjoy it.

So don't speak for people other than yourself.

I am aware things take time, and there is due process involved.

My point was that I came into this game looking for a fun, community-based game that had good elements of gameplay. If inappropriate art is being spammed, and this becomes the norm, it can be pretty offputting.

@Wusscake Honestly it's just one thing that annoys you and so far from my own experience between playing on JP and NA, it's quite small when it happens and you can avoid it pretty often.

If you go to a concert, chances are you will disable SA anyways so people don't ruin it for ya.

And it's not really spammed that much in lobbies apart rom blocks 1-3 which you should avoid like teh plague anyways if you don't like to see symbol art spams.

It's blown out of proportion how often it happens.

There are also the case with swearing too. I was trying to get Grulf Fangs and these characters came in and started talking so violently. Then I used a telepipe to leave to reset to reset the area so I can do the quest properly.

@LostButton50970 At least it was not graphic, sure it's worthy of ban maybe if this was some extremist shit or i don't know, then again all you can do is report/block those people if you juge it was too much and hope they take action.

@Morgothryuzaki said in inappropriate symbol art spam:

Yeah this is starting to annoy me. Some of them are just funny like PC master race or random castlevania or Jojo ones. But there is the constant fucking hentai shit and I almost want to disable those period. This degeneracy doesn't belong.

I laughed harder then I should have. first I completely get no one wants to see hentai, but it came off as funny to me in a game with costumes that let the tits hang out and bounce.

The loli/child hentai is whats gross for me tbh. I don't mean a random Kanna pic being cute, I mean like a Kanna picture with her having sex with a Futa or some shit. I ain't one to kinkshame but yooo.

@NovaStarOne pretty big false equivalence.

Big difference between underboob/sideboob and sex.

I have not seen any hentai crap or anything lewd, what the heck are people talking about I've been nearly playing this 24/7 since PC launch.

@Jr No one likes that, hopefully.

No one is defending it either before that gets brought up again by someone after me saying that.

If you see that, block it, report it and try and get some other people to do the same.

As for how often it happens, seems its mightily overblown.

Been online for nearly the entire day and switching between blocks, aint seen a single lewd emote been played.

@NovaStarOne I agree those are hilarious. But there was an instance were someone spammed like no tomorrow very provocative images that showed "Everything" , that included - insertion, fluids, genitals, bondage, rape, .. etc., that's were I draw the line.

@SleeprunnerInc said in inappropriate symbol art spam:

@ERICK001BC However you cannot compare an actual crime IRL to something done on the net where you practically cannot do anything about it other than mute, ban and since its a free game, they just come back using a VPN or any other escape methods to avoid all bans.

Moderators also aren't police nor are they judges.

They are individuals who just try and hold the TOS.

If the post isn't ENOUGH to warrant a ban according to a GM's standard, then they try and bait the person to doing something that is.

Note that they have specific orders for it and do not operate based on what someone might find offensive such as a Nipple, bulge, boner etc that is covered in pants for example.

If it was a visible cock that was leaking, BAN.

If its hidden within pants, thats barely acceptable even if it is disgusting for some people.

Everyone will always have their thing.

No they aren't police but they are employees. These employees follow the guildlines and have to make sure others do as well or else the balance drops. 1591544783810-screenshot_20200607-103857_chrome.jpg

They have to enforce the rules set by the company.

@ERICK001BC And the rules that are given to the GM's is different from the stuff us normal users accept to.

They generally have a bit more freedom and more responsibility in what they do so tehy cannot willy nilly just ban people because someone got offended at a suggestive SA for example.

If they see you posting a loli getting fucked in the arse then yes they will ban you after filing all the necessary reports that they need.

Other times they might miss a few arts being posted because face it, they are super swamped and working constantly even when playing.

They are people.

We also have the tools in place to deal with the inappropriate arts which should already mean that you or any other individual doesn't need to make a post or two on the forums about how nothing is being done when you literally will not be told if action is taken cause it's none of your concern in the end.

Your ''job'' is to play the game, report things that break the tos and move on.

All Forum posts do is cause fighting and squabbling over stupidity.

So how about we all just drop these SA threads where people complain about the inappropriate arts and instead play the game, report inappropriate TOS breaking SA and live on with our lives in happiness and bliss?

@SleeprunnerInc Right, they are just people. And as players who try and enjoy the game reporting "offensive" material is part of our duty as well. When I see it, I report. Even if the Gms don't pay attention to it, it doesn't stop being the correct thing to do.

Understand that for some people, it is a game. So after whatever happens in their life, they may not want to see something they find offensive in a game they just want to play. Can you imagine playing the game and coming in to see symbol art with the n word, or maybe you where abused as a child and see something being mocked and joked about as if it is okay.

I understand that these cases may seem very low but the whole point of it being inappropriate is that it is used in the main lobby for most of the part. Where people gather, where you are going to be if you are going into a quest. Yes there are other places like the casino or cafe where one can load a mission, but the lobby is the breeding ground for this type of behavior where it is for the most part in your face. The fact being that the only people who should feel the need to protect the symbol art really don't need it. You want to have memes, and pornographic symbol art, I guess that's fine if you are in your personal quarters or alliance but it is a public game, as a public game EVERYONE is entitled to their freedom.

Again, it is rather pointless however. The fact being that people really shouldn't expect the type of people who think inappropriate art is okay to have any kind of maturity or understanding. Sadly most of these people are either children, or a lot worse.

@ERICK001BC I don't know if you were trying to insult me or not since I don't get what you were trying to go for with this part which is a straight quote from you: ''or maybe you where abused as a child and see something being mocked and joked about as if it is okay''

If you went and tried to insult then congratulations you have piqued my curiosity.

If not, then we will leave it at that.

You do have a point where I do like to laugh and joke about something that is horrible or downright disgusting because its a safety mechanism basically.

And a cultural thing.

I live in Finland, thats as much personal info as I will give out and we have a saying: Don't forget, but forgive.

And the meaning is, we have done so much bad shit that if we continued staying mad at it we would never get anything done that actually needs to be done.

This also translate to: Be able to laugh at things even if they are wrong and horrible BUT do not forget about it.

AKA Report it, block it even if it is hilarious to you IF it is actually offensive such as Loli porn or racist stuff.

That is why we have the feature in the game where you can turn the arts off and block specific arts you don't want to see.

Is it 100% proof? No.

Nothing is.

Even if you remove the system you will have people spamming racist stuff in chat so does disabling chat help? You wont see the stuff so sure, but you wont also see anything else.

Which is why people are telling you to report, block or turn off the chat IF you are provoked to the point you have to make a forum thread or post about it.

It's also GROSSLY overblown how much it happens.

I am on nearly 24/7 on Ship 2 and travel between blocks while afking in the lobby area and have not seen porn for multiple days or racist stuff.

It could also be because I have blocked most of that stuff that is downright wrong so It DOES work.

That's why people are so heated a bout these threads.

You can avoid most of the bad stuff people posted on the forums about by blocking and disabling arts even if you miss out on some good stuff.

You have ways to deal with it and it is enough for the MAJORITY of people.