inappropriate symbol art spam

Multiple people in this thread saying you can block specific SA. Where is this option? I've been looking for it.

For those still looking, I found how to block symbol arts in another thread.

  • From your menu go to System (The one that looks like gears), then Symbol Art.
  • At the top will be a tab that says Saved Lists. It's a drop down menu, and one of the options is History (Standard)
  • From there you can see the symbol arts you've seen in the past. You can click choose to Save/Block or whatever.

@SonoVulpin I highly doubt the problem is as widespread as you think.

If anything, I now, want you to go on your ship, take a video, say my name so I know it is you and show how widespread it is.

Since you say its EXTREMELY WIDESPREAD, that means it happens every minute like 10 times or more.

That gives you more than a fair chance to prove it.

@Cherryzombs said in inappropriate symbol art spam:

For those still looking, I found how to block symbol arts in another thread.

  • From your menu go to System (The one that looks like gears), then Symbol Art.
  • At the top will be a tab that says Saved Lists. It's a drop down menu, and one of the options is History (Standard)
  • From there you can see the symbol arts you've seen in the past. You can click choose to Save/Block or whatever.

How to block specific Symbol Arts ^

The reason I was looking up how to deal with this is because every concert I went to there were porn symbol arts popping up while I'm trying to enjoy the concert and get my concert buff. I dunno why it matters how common it is if the OP just wants a way to enjoy the game while not having to see porn images from randos.

@Cherryzombs said in inappropriate symbol art spam:

I dunno why it matters how common it is if the OP just wants a way to enjoy the game while not having to see porn images from randos.

It doesn't. That's the thing, people like you are the true heroes that go by "Live and let live." You decided to use the system in place, which is a bit more tedious since you pick the arts manually over just turning them off. But you get your results and can enjoy your in-game life.

I wish there were more understanding people like you. To you, I tip my hat.

The only big deal is those threads and OP has been participating in others before. Despite having being pointed out to be able to turn it off, in several posts.

@Pulptenks You know how you deal with these threads easily?

Ask them for proof.

If they provide proof, good, you can now mass report the people in the video/Screenshot and clean up the community.

If they don't, well the OP is a laughing stock.

If they come up with a ridiculous excuse such as: I do not want to spread it. You can just tell them that by not providing proof, they are shielding those who are abusing the system and causing trouble.

You will never get in trouble for posting proof and asking the community to help since people will gladly get rid of actually offensive arts and people abusing the system.


Reporting people and causing them to lose their accounts(or xbox live account if you go that route) is nonsensical at best. Any player on the receiving end of that will no longer support the game, causing financial loss for the game/company.

It makes zero sense to me and is bewildering that any player would stoop to this rather than being a mature adult and just blocking the offending party and moving on with their life. Alas, sadly some people would rather cut off revenue to the game in their short shortsightedness(and laziness to simply turn off symbol arts, block symbol arts, or block players), dooming the game to a shorter life span overall for everyone.

It's not just the loss of the person you reported either. People have friends they game with, and those core groups usually all play the same games together. Case in point, in my circle of friends we all played primarily on PS4 for years. When this game was announced we all bought an xbox and migrated over to play it(very few of us even touch our PS4's any more as a result). If one of us were to get banned from the game and ended up leaving to play something else the rest of the group would probably drop the game and transition along with them. That's five players who have all spent $300+ on the game each since open beta started and would likely continue to support the game, gone, just like that... If you honestly believe situations like that are "good" for the longevity of this game, then I don't know what to say.

I would never report someone/anyone with the intention of getting their in game account or xbox live account banned regardless of how abhorrent their behavior is, especially when the tools needed to block them already exist within the game. This is coming from someone who's been playing MMO's since EQ vanilla and I've seen more than my fair share of griefing/harassment in games and have even been asked by gm's if I would like to open an incident report against other players for things that have occurred(to which I always refused and simply blocked the player and went on with my life).

There's no value posting screenshots to prove stuff to randos. You aren't here to help with these problems, or even capable of doing so.

Also, people harassing others or constantly being disruptive also drives people/revenue away from the game.

@Ravness01 Here's the thing tho.

By just letting them continue playing, they are driving off a portion of revenue the game gets.

It's a double edged sword and you saying you would rather leave if your friend got banned for something makes me question that logic at the very least.

Lets say your friend got banned for posting CP for instance, would you still be friends with them and follow them knowing they had KNOWINGLY posted such stuff which ended up getting them banned?

Note: I only report literally worst of the worst stuff which is blatant racism or stuff bordering legality.

If it's just mainstream lewdiness then I don't really care.

There is a time and place for that.

@Ravness01 Same from someone who's been on MMO since FF11 on my little PS2 with internet.

But what you said there, some black lambs just can't understand this or think further then their little person.

@Wusscake said in inappropriate symbol art spam:

The problem is when I decide to stream this game, I watch a concert, then I get 3 people spamming anime boobs, or worse, on my screen. That means I'm not allowed to watch symbol arts any time I decide to stream because a small fraction of the community are edgy manchildren and it's unfortunate I can't look at funny symbol art or share them.

Well technically when you stream, that's your contract with Twitch(or whoever) and you guarantee it'll be safe for their audience. That's not SEGA's job (although it is in their interest). You're the one broadcasting the game to another platform.

And as you said you can always just disable symbol arts and block the chat with a facecam/picture just like other streamers do.

@Pulptenks I love watching all the symbol arts and what people come up with.

Heck some of the funnier stuff is the lewd arts cause they are so ridiculous.

But there is always a time and place for em.

Imagine reporting people saying mean words or posting pornographic SAs and prioritizing them over hackers or bots in 2020.

@SleeprunnerInc I wouldn't be in that issue in the first place as that isn't something anyone I am friends with would do(if they would, well I wouldn't be friends with them as is).

That one particular example you gave is not what the OP and others in this thread are soley referring to(though it is included in the umbrella of things they are talking about). To answer your question though, in that particular case, no, I would not feel sorry for them getting banned as it is merited and justified.

I was more referring towards people reporting for harassment in chat(when block exists), or ecchi/anime symbol art(which people do report for which is imo a very dumb/childish thing to cause someone to lose an account over). I probably should have clarified that a bit better in my original post.

I get your sentiment as most of my group thinks/feels about the same way you do. I personally just don't report people in games for anything. As I said, if I'm ever in a situation that is uncomfortable(ie. griefing/harassment/symbol arts/whatever) I simply block the player then don't run with them any more. I simply view it more as a matter of taking the situation into my own hands, rather than trying to go on crusade to police what is and is not acceptable. What bothers me may not bother someone else, and vice versa and I try to respect that as much as possible.

I'll give you an example. Once I figured out how auto-chat worked and the command lines to use symbol arts worked in that system I made use of it. Using two symbol arts for when alerts popped, and another for when a rare drop occurred. The symbol art I chose for the later was an anime pic of a girl making the "ahego face" as it seemed pretty fitting for a rare drop happening, my friends thought it was pretty comical and we all got a good laugh out of it. However, a couple days later while running a UQ, one of the party members were offended by it(even though the pic literally didn't show anything at all, just the anime girl's face and nothing else). They stopped fighting mid-quest, then proceeded to go on a tirade about wanting to report me for the symbol art(which is griefing to the other people that were in the group). I apologized to them, and removed the symbol art from my auto chat before resuming the quest, also apologizing to the other 10 players in the MPA for the time I had to waste doing so. Then explained to the player with the initial complaint that symbol arts could be blocked individually or turned off, to which they replied that they didn't care and my account should be banned for using a symbol art that in no way violates the ToS.

^It's stuff like that where to me it has gone past the line that I have an issue with, as players that take that stance are detrimental to the health of the game overall, whether they see it or not.

@Ravness01 I agree when its a case of just Ecchi/anime art.

On top of harrasment in chat you can just block and report, move on with it like you said.

Yeah I hate when people go on a rant about this whole thing and the literal art of ahegao faces etc.

I personally find them amusing and if someone doesn't like em, I hope they just ignore me or bloc k me instead.

That said, I don't go out of my way to spam it which sometimes might happen when multiple rare drops get looted in a row.

I am with you in that people need to start taking things easy and chilling out instead of immediatly jumping on a crusade.