inappropriate symbol art spam

The spamming of inappropriate symbol art is starting to get annoying and I wish a moderator would do something about it. While I have nothing wrong with inappropriate symbol art showing up here and there but when it being spammed across all blocks in all lobbies it getting annoying. Yesterday I had turn my chat off because I couldn't go 2 sec without someone spamming a hentai picture of a girl having anal sex. So seriously will people stop spamming or can a moderator enforce some kind of temp ban to users that are running around spamming it.

All you can do is report it using the Nearby Players dialogue currently. I've already done it a dozen times myself whenever I've seen it.

This is sad. I never get to see them 😞

@Ship04 said in inappropriate symbol art spam:

This is sad. I never get to see them 😞


o/ =^.^=

Yeah this is starting to annoy me. Some of them are just funny like PC master race or random castlevania or Jojo ones. But there is the constant fucking hentai shit and I almost want to disable those period. This degeneracy doesn't belong.


Agreed... Though, GMs were online fairly often before the PC update, and they didn't do anything about it then, so...

I don't really think anything will change unless there's a massive influx of complaints.

There's an option to turn off symbol arts

  • You can shut off symbol art ... Turn it back on when you are no longer around the offending party.
  • You can report symbol art, please note that in-game moderation is slow-moving and not immediate, but it will happen.
  • SEGA has had this issue for 8-9 years, just keep your expectations realistic.
  • Short of putting blast collars around people's necks you can't control human behavior. It is going to happen, it is inevitable, just keep yourself mentally prepared when it does.

Too bad people just can't be wholesome or appropriate in place where it's expected, symbol arts are also used for some strats on boss so it's not a real solution to disable those plus you miss out on a function of the game.

I'm honestly going to turn it off. I'm kinda tired to see this stupid shit.

@Morgothryuzaki Honestly i think i might disable those too when i'm gonna actually play aka tomorrow, my sis is around sometimes i don't want to expose her to that crap.


You're also able to block individual symbol arts... I know some things can't be unseen, especially for children, which is why I agree. There should be stricter moderation of symbol arts, but for now this is the only option unless you want to turn them off completely.

Descriptors : Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB

Online-enabled games carry the notice "Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB." This notice warns those who intend to play the game online about possible exposure to chat (text, audio, video) or other types of user-generated content (e.g., maps, skins) that have not been considered in the ESRB rating assignment.

Rule 34 of the internet in a nutshell.

Really, you should have seen it coming when things like Art, Chat, and Audio is enabled. The internet is full of things, including the darker aspects.

Just turn off symbol arts or black list and report if you feel the symbol art is going way too far and eventually you won't see ones that bother you. The game is rated M, so I can't really agree with the think of the children logic, as it's not a game geared for kids clearly. However, there are folks going too far with it, but I can deal.

Honestly, starting PSO2 and seeing Symbol Art be just as offensive, gratuitous, and hilarious as it was back in PSO one really made me feel immediately at home in the game.

People here know how to have fun and not take life seriously, it's a welcome breath of fresh air from games like FFXIV, where I swear you feel like you're walking on eggshells because heaven forfend you upset one person, and they report you thanks to SE's ridiculous Terms of Service (where you can literally be reported and suspended for dropping a group early, or criticizing someone's play style or strategy).