LoL at people who assume they know better....

So yesterday, I ran Super Hard Floating Facility, because I was trying to grind out the last two levels I needed on my Force to hit level 75, planning to run the map with just myself and Npc's, but leaving "Active Recruitment" on, in case anyone wanted to join.

So right away before anything even happened I had someone join, and had asked if I planned on doing PSE Burst farming. I was too lazy to actually exit the entrance menu, so ignored him until he entered the count down phase.

Once in the map, I replied to him, "Sure, if possible we can do PSE Burst farming", because with NPC's as partners, less monsters actually spawn instead of having actual human players while a PSE Burst is active.

Now first off, this is the MAIN MAP I run in order to level, because there's almost no traversing, it's a pretty short map, the enemy spawns are higher than most maps, and the experience gain is pretty decent, even better with boosters, which is what I was using. I've ran this Map pretty much from lvl 55-75, with, and without human players (human players usually being friends I communicate with in Discord), so I know this map pretty well, and know how it works, where enemies spawn, and when they spawn, I've pin pointed it down to a hair as to how I run this for optimal experience/farming.

So the very first PSE burst we get, we both chain Photon bursts for the Cross Burst, sure, pretty basic stuff. Monsters all die in the area, and I move onto the next unexplored area, knowing another group of monsters will show up.

Sure enough, the very first thing that he says is "Stay together", which yes, more human players this is good. I soon after explain to him, that I have 2 Npc partners, and his response is "Oh I didn't know, I just wasted 10 capsules". So.... this is his FIRST MISTAKE before even wasting the capsules.... NPC's have a giant effing Exclamation mark above their head, and their names are NOT BLUE. Yet, he tries to pin it on me, and starts running his mouth/typing stupidity. So whatever, I ignore it, and move on, continuing what I normally do, or how I would run it with Npc's that I have done hundreds of times over, and over.

His second MISTAKE is actually STAYING IN THE SAME PLACE in advanced Super hard maps, because this is just straight up stupid, even for a full human party, as monsters spawn Per amount of players on the map, and in the same area with PSE Bursts. thus, PSE Burst "Farming" is really only effective in a Multi-Area map, with 12 players, because more monsters will spawn.

Again, I'm NOT staying in one area with him, because only 2 MONSTERS SPAWN in the area while waiting in the PSE Burst mode with 2 human players, so I'm running off to the unexplored area's where I KNOW 10-15 monsters spawn, so I can keep the PSE Burst going, because of his little tantrum about wanting to "Farm" the PSE burst.

So finally, I've had enough of his bitching, and I try to explain to him why I'm not staying where he is, and WHY it's pointless. He then starts to tell me how I don't know what I'm doing, and he's demanding that I "Raise/Resurrect" him, because he died on the Dark Falz Angel 5 times in a row. And when I finally raise him, he runs away, and I die because I wasn't paying attention, and then he starts to say things like "I didn't bring any Mooon Atoms, and you suck" rofl.

I guess long story short.... If you don't know what the Eff you're talking about, just.... Don't say anything at all, especially when someone else has clearly explained how you're explaination of the PSE burst is incredibly wrong, and how it's actually supposed to work.

My little rant, take it how you want.

Sucks. I just had a random surprise area appear in a mission which led to many many holiday rappies! wheee!

You do stay in a corner even in SHAQ's with 4 players, it's really good. Don't agree to burst with him, when you don't actually want to do it, which in your case yes it didn't make sense to stop for a burst.

You should be staying together during a burst. The point of it is to minimize the spawn distance and try to spawn kill as much as possible. The map tile spawns will still be there after your burst and may even contribute into another burst. Also, 4 man AQ parties will always try for a burst and then find a good tile to farm it in, if possible. 12 man PSEs are usually for drops (like ultimate quest due to area drops). Sure, only 2 monsters will spawn at time in your situation but it's an infinite spawn until that PSE runs out, it's still additional EXP you're missing out on.