Is anyone else super dissatisfied with the Fresh Finds Shop’s UI?

The preview images for the daily items are tiny and sometimes don’t even describe what you’re actually getting. There’s no secondary cosmetic previewing screen that shows you what you’d be getting like there tends to be in shops that use the game’s usual shop interface. Instead, you just have to squint real hard. Or worse.

For example, the preview image for today’s offering of the Cyhadine set is an absolute travesty. It’s a generic box. What’s inside the box is a set of honestly incredible looking male Cast pieces, but from what’s apparent ingame you’d never know unless you dropped 400 SG. On a nondescript box.

And whatever’s inside the box is untradable, so if you find that you don’t like it, you’ve just gambled away a fat chunk of semi-premium currency.

And yes, I know. You can look things up on the internet. But the thing is, the only place I’ve been able to see what the Cyhadine set even is has been a diligently run fan site.

An then, even if you do successfully find something you want from the FFS, you can only buy one per ACCOUNT- so FFS accessories are only good for one untransferable character on one ship! And these are items where we don’t know if or when we’ll ever get the chance to them purchase again.

Also, I think the mission pass is sketchy as well for the last two reasons. But at least the mission pass previews cosmetics.

While I like having an alternative to scratch tickets and the player economy, I think the FFS has some pretty big issues.

(Alternate title: Does anyone else think the Fresh Finds Shop sucks sewage pipes?)

it's not even like this over in Japan, over there they have the treasure shop and if you don't like what's on the listing you can reroll the randomness on it. Although I don't recall too many cosmetics being in there