Accessing Fomelgia/combination techs

Greetings!  PSO1 veteran here enjoying playing pso2 for the first time.  I'm currently a lvl 62 Fo/tek.  I'm getting the hang of everything slowly.

I have a question about Fomelgion - the combination tech in the Photon store.  I just bought it and used the disc but I can't find it on any of my menus to add it into the palette.  Am I missing something?  Perhaps I need to go further in a quest first?  I'm hoping this is the answer rather than some kind of glitch.



Those combination techs can only be equipped in the sub pallet. They work similar to the mag photon art. After you have used enough of the attributes's techs/damage/etc it fills up and you are able to unleash the tech. It then recharges and you do the whole process all over again.

But where do you find it? It's not on my list of techniques to add to the palette.

@Axel210000 Once you use it (from the skill tech disc menu), it unlocks when you go over to customize>Sub pallet> It is the items that say combination techs. That is where it should show up.

@ERICK001BC Brilliant, thank you.
That's strange - it wasn't showing up before on the menu but now the tab is there. (I even tried logging out and coming back but I guess it needed more time to register...?)

@Axel210000 Glad you where able to find it. These techs are very fun to play with and also very powerful. Enjoy.