Elite Training: Heaven & Earth

What is the purpose or reason to do this extreme quest? Are there rare farms here? Like certain gear only comes from here or is it just like any other extreme quest that drops a lot of Meseta and Flict drops?

Aside from Titles, the final Stage of it, Stage 10, can drop the "Ace of [whatever class you are running it as]" item. This item is an Emblem with your class symbol on it, but it is also a material needed to fully upgrade a [Class] Effort Symbol Ring. Effort Symbol Rings are Right Rings that at +20 give a 1% unconditional damage multiplier, 10% Critical Rate, and 3% damage reduction.

Additionally, at one point on the JPN server, clearing the first 5 Stages was a prerequisite for unlocking the Expert flag on your account.

@AndrlCh Awesome! Thank you very much for the reply

@NeoMaverick1212 Do keep in mind this is based on JPN info. As I have not yet taken the time to run Stages 6-10, I am not 100% sure is the Ace item currently drops in the NA version. And Effort Symbol Rings still require materials from the second solo Extreme Quest, which is still currently unreleased.

Before in the PSO2JP this quest was need to be done in order to progress a story quest in ep4.

Ah. Good info. Much appreciated

It is also good practise for whatever class you're running, how to deal with different situations etc and how to nuke foes fast lest you get overwhelmed

I can confirm that the ace item drops in the NA version. You'll get several of them off of the final boss of the 10th stage.

Also drops Torana Brightstones which will be used for Zieg in the future.