2 button KB/M player moving over to 3 button and controller have a few questions.

So I've been a JP player for a while and I used to swear by the keyboard and mouse, 2 button configuration as I mainly started off using melee classes. But as I started to take more breaks, I decided to try out force and really enjoyed it, and naturally got used to having a back pallet. Now that I've switched to 3 button mode on both Keyboard and mouse and controller, I'm feeling like I want more. 3 button mode gives me huge PSO1 vibes in the way it controls (I feel like it's the exact same control scheme really), only I really want to figure out how fit in both the shift function and the weapon ability function so I can remove that from the pallet entirely and still have access to it. I have macros I can setup on KB/M to do that but I'm not too sure what to do with my PS4 controller.

In the control options in the game, you can set Weapon Action as its own button. It requires some fiddling around but once you do, it can be comfortable.

For example, my set up is:

  • LT (L2): Weapon Action
  • LB (L1): Lock-on
  • L3: Back Palette (I have an Elite Controller, so this is technically on a paddle)
  • RT (R2): Dodge
  • RB (R1): PA3
  • R3: Use Subpalette (again, on a paddle)
  • Y (Triangle): PA2
  • X (Square): PA1
  • A (Circle): Jump
  • B (Cross): Pick-up

Before I had the paddles, I actually had L3 as Lock-on and LB (L1) as Back Palette, and it also worked quite well.

@AndrlCh So is it just not worth having the "change view" bound at all?

@Trancera It's really up to you how to set it up. I have a chatpad attached and a keyboard near at all times, so moving my finger down to Z to change between normal view and OTS is no big issue.

@AndrlCh I guess that's pretty fair, since I rarely even use it anyway, and it's only when I'm throwing talis, in very specific situations lol, I'm so used to having it readily available that I didn't think to just unbind it

I like the 2 button layout. I played PSO2 JP for the longest time before they even came out with the 3 button layout for the PS4 release.