Open Ship 4 or PC players will leave.

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@SilkYukata you are going to be severely disappointed. I'm not saying this to stop asking for it, I'm saying this because SEGA does not care what anyone thinks or wants, so posting "SEGA is going to do ..." Is utterly futile. You are better off just repeatedly asking.

Don't wast your time, Its pretty much become a meme this topic, for me.

I swear that people never learn lmfao.

War,war never changes.

Why did they delete the thread instead of locking it?

I don't mind locking, or deleting offensive posts.. but I really do not agree with censorship like that just entirely deleting threads so that all information dissapears.

Sort that out Sega please.

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Sega is far from going bankrupt, the RUMOR (its rumor not fact) is that SEGA is getting ready to become the face for XBOX in japan, which lends more potential for SEGA projects on the Xbox in the future. Regardless, SEGA is a very cautious and slow-moving beast, it is going to take much more than NA PSO2 tanking .. to take them out.

Explains the radio silence on pc I guess . Also explains pso2 coming to the west and also possibly the future of the game . If the Rumor is true then I will not be surprised if this gets ported when the Xbox x is released

I would kill for a PSO1 remake alt text

@Ki-Rin Actually i wonder how much peoples would like that.

Actually , there is a small group of individuals who are working on building PSO1 from the ground up in UE4. The progress that they have made is amazing. If they truly see this project thru, It will certainly Give the PSO franchise a HUGE shot in the arm.

Soooo the F happen exacly to the old topic some huge shitstorm or Gm just abused his power and straight up deleted the topic beecause 1 last fuck you ???

Uh... what now?

@MurderKuma They nuked it without further notice, yes. This subject is pretty much dead now too.

@Dracoco1214 I would totally get in on PSO1 remade or remastered,but I kinda want Nova first. Maybe also porting/remastering properly PSP1 and 2.

After June 10th if ship 4 doesnt get released , there is no hope.

whats the problem with ship 1-3? ship 2 is overrun by streamers because "we were in ship2 in JP" which I get, I was too but ship 1 and 3 are normal congestion 99% of the time, just go there.

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I would kill for a PSO1 remake alt text