Open Ship 4 or PC players will leave.

The thread is back, please be respectful, and hope it doesn't get deleted. Have fun!

@Magic-Eurition OOF same title it might get deleted just because of this, but we'll see feel free to have a civil and informative talk though.

Why did the other thread get deleted? 160 some pages. Ridiculous.

@DDDLife said in Open Ship 4 or PC players will leave.:

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Better start turning people into sweets, Android 21.

@DDDLife said in Open Ship 4 or PC players will leave.:

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100% agree. GM's aren't developers and obviously don't hear from the developers because of the completely lack of communication. But they will police disruptive posts, so just anticipating another topic removed (this post doesn't exist, it is a figment of your imagination).

I'm a PC player on Ship 2 and no one can make me leave this wonderful game, i'll go out kicking and screaming.

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Well, he didn't say all PC players would leave. Maybe it will just be 2. Sega gonna be bankrupt now.

I'm not going anywhere. Things run fine.

Sega is far from going bankrupt, the RUMOR (its rumor not fact) is that SEGA is getting ready to become the face for XBOX in japan, which lends more potential for SEGA projects on the Xbox in the future. Regardless, SEGA is a very cautious and slow-moving beast, it is going to take much more than NA PSO2 tanking .. to take them out.

You should change the name of the title. Sorry but hase a pc player I'm on ship 2 and I will stay here.

5 days until ship 4.

@SilkYukata you are going to be severely disappointed. I'm not saying this to stop asking for it, I'm saying this because SEGA does not care what anyone thinks or wants, so posting "SEGA is going to do ..." Is utterly futile. You are better off just repeatedly asking.

yay for ship 4!!

... Here we go again.