Are we still getting an announcement on a potential new server GMS?

Hi GMs.

Are you able to give any information on whether there will be an announcement of some kind regarding a new server?

A lot of us are waiting in limbo before we can play because we want a new fresh server.

I appreciate you can't tell us any specifics, but is there an announcement due? If you are unsure, or not aware of one being done any time soon please let us know as that information can take us away from this horrid limbo.


Is that why the server 4 thread was apparently deleted? o_O

They were never even aware that Ship 4 and 6 were in maintenance. It could also just be a mistake in the server software stating they are in maintenance. The GMs can't say anything about it no matter what anyway unless they get the go ahead to post the news first.

Why were the threads deleted? - What do their actions say...? Is there going to be a new server? - What does the lack of communication say? The GMs cannot say anything because SEGA has forbidden them to say anything (look up what a NDA is)

Continue to ask, by all means, but do not be surprised by the measures used to keep such a subject under control or silent. This is SEGA and this is how SEGA does things. Go easy on the Mods and GMs, it is not their fault. Just play like its never going to happen.

It does say a lot that SEGA couldn't take several minutes out of the last 9 days to let us know if a server was incoming or not, but suppose we will find out on Wednesday. It just seems a bit silly. The original thread wouldn't have gotten to like what, 2,300 posts if they told us y/n a week ago. Because if they were going to release servers, people would know and would wait on it and if they weren't, then people could have rolled their characters and used the one time use account items without worry. Either way, I pity the GMs. If servers are released, people will complain that they're stuck on 1-3 cause they weren't told new servers were coming and used their one time use items and if they aren't released people will rant about it because SEGA could have said something within last 14 days. You'll have others who are happy about developments either way, but a lot of the complaining and rants could have been side stepped if just y/n was given earlier.

Anyhow, suppose the silver lining is that the next time an issue pops up (as issues tend to do in a MMO) I know not to expect anything for two weeks from SEGA and that this should definitely be a back burner game than something to actually focus, let alone spend money, on xD

I still can't believe they nuked the other thread. What did the GM say?