Thank You for the Pointless Windows 10 Issue Updates!

I'm so glad you posted two new articles today regarding the fact you are still aware there are issues with the Windows 10 version, and still have absolutely no idea how or when it is going to be fixed! Very helpful!!

(I know the "community team" doesn't fix things in the game, but they are told what to say by the people who do.)

Instead, the community has already fixed the game for you within a matter off days with the Tweaker, for people who are willing to use it (and understand how to make it work). While I did do this, I do not feel it should be necessary to play a game using a 3rd party workaround. I will not continue to support a game that fails to act quickly regarding such MAJOR issues (when they can easily be bypassed in a matter of days by the community). It just shows the lack of care for your playerbase, and the type of inaction to expect when future issues arise (and they will, no doubt).

@Shiro Sigh While your complaints are valid, and you have every right to be upset. I will say over and over again, every time one of these threads are created. The GMs are the middlemen, they deliver the message to SEGA so again while your complaints, as well as everyone else's, will be filtered to SEGA you might as well be screaming into the wind. SEGA has this system for a reason, it works for them more often than it works against them. SO please feel free to express your grievances, but remember the people here have no control, they are just a hood ornament, not the mechanics of the car.

Lastly ... June 10th is supposed to be D-day for many for the bugs and concerns. However don't get your hopes up SEGA is notorious for breaking things a second time, it usually takes 3 times. However, since Microsoft is involved it may take more.

You have every right to be upset, just make sure you channel that energy in a way that is constructive (toyour health.)

Also keep in mind; if they know WHEN a big will be fixed, it's because they can fix it. They can't give you a date before they know, themselves, how to fix it.

They can't go 'We're still working on figuring out the bug, but w'll probably know everything we don't know right now by next week'.

And, since so many people seem unaware of how bugfixing works; you fix one bug, and 5 more pop up. It's the nature of coding. No game is ever 100% bug-free. Even the first Nintendo games (Infinite lives via an underflow error & World -1 in Mario, anyone?) and old Atari games had bugs.

And Atari code is a freaking Baby's First Pop-Up Book compared to coding these days, which would be more like War & Peace.

Remember that time the PC players all wanted a beta to make sure things ran fine, but instead of that, Sega decided to not mention the PC version (excluding the twitter tracker) on their main page until a day before release?

I do.

I do think that this is more serious than a game update. They should be communicating what they do know and laying out a continuous improvement plan flow chart of what they are going to address first, second, third, etc and the target dates they are shooting for. Every large corporation has project planning and uses similar organizational tools. They should be communicating that with us so we know what to expect on the 10th, and what the next target date after that is, and what they are hoping to address at that time as well.

"We are aware of issues regarding PSO2 failing to remove all its files upon uninstallation. Here's a link to MS support, Its their problem, not ours, cry to them about it." - SEGA

@Zizel said in Thank You for the Pointless Windows 10 Issue Updates!:

"We are aware of issues regarding PSO2 failing to remove all its files upon uninstallation. Here's a link to MS support, Its their problem, not ours, cry to them about it." - SEGA

The thing is, Microsoft Support can actually remote control your PC, at your request, to uninstall and fully remove it for you. Sega on the other hand, cannot.

installed five times until able to play. and the those files stucked on my PC.

5/5 great game