Suggestion: Ship 4?

I would like a cool level headed discussions on this matter no hate no bias just your reasons why we should or should not have a new server. for me it was about the congestion and a little bit about the community starting from scratch.

Its pretty simple in my opinion why it isn't necessary.

1- the congestion level doesn't warrant it at all currently. 2- The whole fresh start argument doesn't work since people could just pay to transfer there or just max level in a few days thus it wouldn't take long to make the economy about the same as any other ship. 3- They honestly have bigger fishes to fry.

@Morgothryuzaki thank you for coming into this thread and making your opinion heard in a civilized fashion i look forward to hearing others on the subject

@ITS-HAIRTIME Contrary to what some people want to say I did,I didn't attack anyone or get heated at all previously. I merely stated an opinion,the same as I am doing now lmfao

@Morgothryuzaki then lets start fresh forget about what happened in that thread im willing to start anew

I mean I cannot disagree with you lol.

4 more days till more info cant wait

Hey I totally agree, ships 4 - 6 are there so I say fire them up