Topic deleted?

@Ki-Rin That was a shitty launch on EVERY platform period lol

they deleted the hottest topic lmao

@Ki-Rin to be fair fallout 76 just works

@ITS-HAIRTIME Todd Howard blatant lies that is. He first essentially murdered The Elder Scrolls with Skyrim (my unpopular opinion of the week probably), Fallout 76 is just an abomination.

@Dracoco1214 hey,Skyrim was awesome! I mean we will agree to disagree and all lol.

@Morgothryuzaki Nah don't worry i'm just overly salty that they essentially erased most features of the past games and managed to make it even more broken than Oblivion somehow, still a fun game to mess around i must admit, but i can't bring myself to appreciate the combat in this game.

@Dracoco1214 What I cannot bring myself to like in any of the Bethesda games,is how they still don't understand how to balance higher difficulties lol. Let's just make everything have 50 times the amount of HP and one hit kill you.

@Morgothryuzaki They nailed it for morrowind, made HP sponges in oblivion and Skyrim is an unbalanced clusterf*** in legendary some enemies does jack and die in few hits while some dragons are hp sponge with one-shot attacks.

@Dracoco1214 Yeah,I just play on normal and put in the survival mods. That makes me happy.

Locking it would have been the more appropriate move. Deleting it just makes it seem like they have no intention of addressing the feedback and are trying to silence the issue.

@Zizel To be fair,they were probably told to do it.

@Morgothryuzaki said in Topic deleted?:

@Zizel To be fair,they were probably told to do it.

Agreed .. typical SEGA

@Seed I keep saying it. GMs are just there to relay messages and to keep the forum clean. They are just doing their jobs. Kind of like soldiers are following orders.

@Morgothryuzaki Most likely, but as we have seen time and time again, trying to silence player feedback and critique ends up causing more of it to appear.

@Zizel And that is why we should continue to do our part, respectfully of course.