Enhance. Cap +1 items from Class Excube exchange shop

Do these have any sort of legitimate use? Does it extend past the normal +35 cap? Otherwise who on earth would use 300 class excubes (realistically 600 normal excubes) to do this? 13*s already come with cap extended to +35

They were originally added to the game back when 13*s could drop with a low Grind Cap, and they were left in the NA version because technically they still have a use, even if the cost is wildly inefficient.

You could do this with normal excubes? How?

@BoomBoy You can't. OP was just comparing the cost to regular Excubes since you can trade 1 Class Excube for 2 normal ones.

Some weaposn still have a +30 cap mostly the one you trade badges for

Anything from the shops and weapons from collection folder are all base grind 30. Also base made weapons from Zig like the profound weapons or the upcoming Darkbanisher Ayer (possibly renamed) weapons are also only +30 cap. The Ayer weapons must be +35 to upgrade obviously, so the +1 enhance cap item can be an alternative use vs making 5 more copies to upgrade.

Ayer weapons will be bought at +30 from Zeig. So if you don't want to pay a ridiculous amount of materials for 5 of them from Zeig to get your grind cap to +35 to trade in for the Cras weapon then these will save you A LOT of materials.

I learned you can trade 60 mission badges for 1 enhance cap +1 and it is very useful for the unique badge weapons that I didn't have enough badges to make 5x.

@BoomBoy That is a massive waste using mission badges when you can buy astral soul, mana reverie and aether factor capsules to upslot units for free with amazing affixes instead.

Um, this is for one of the Zeig weapons. One of the weapons requires three +35 weapon and one of them you could only buy with unique weapon badges, and that weapon is +30 and you would need to grind it to +35 with five identical weapons or use the enhance cap +1. You could use any of the three weapons as your base for the Zeig weapon upgrade. I don't see how that is a waste use of mission badges.