Guide: Best MAG for free players.

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Tested a new MAG using 50 MEL, 50 RNG, 50 TEC, and 50 DEX

So far working out really well. Could be good for any race and class.

Pics or didn't happen.

@Pandas-On-Fire Don't feel like it.

I will admit. While I still don't understand the difference between a Free Player and a Premium Player's MAG. That form that it ultimately took is worth! 😸

o/ =^.^=

@KnightHarb1nger there isn't any difference, is just that you cannot get another mag in a character if you don't buy a ticket with AC

lol this thread is hillarious

if you made this kind of mag, then what's the point of having multiple character slots

Thank you, very helpful

Thanks, I am using this mag now. Don't want to buy another mag.

Thanks for the useful mag guide.

as a 8 year vet since Japanese server beta i can tell you this doesn't work fully yes there are 13 mags but that doesn't mean there all vitable if your mag has points put into what your not doing your essentially losing out on damage remember your mag is about 5% of your stats (take in mind this isn't with skill tree setups and is possibly to get around if your mag is scuffed yet don't wanna throw out money or are unable to fix it ) the reason people above are saying pure mags cause this isn't psobb or pso 1 were hybrid mags had some use also! you can easily play these classes bouncer braver phantom without needing to lose out on other classes by having a dex mag you can just run it as a t-atk or s-atk for bouncer for phantom you can just use a t-atk mag if you like using rod for example for braver you can use s-atk mag if katana and r-atk mag if bow if your free to play then you want 3 characters level 50+ which is not hard to do! as that gets you 2mil+ per characters from just ark weeklys this game is alot for a new player to take in but with vets and currant players giving the right advice they wont have to get stuck with non working gear

Have not seen this in some time. Made some small updates to the main post. For the people that find this post useful your welcome.

Way to self promote yourself.

Based on the quoted replies, animejp's original name is animeregion and just used a second account (now using his old name) to bump this horrible mag thread.

@HarmlessSyan Also interesting that @TheBlueSensei and @Draco-Tempus have only ever posted once to give thanks for this thread...

Better advice would be for two mags on a single character, one 200 DEX and one 200 MEL, RNG or TEC, which would let you use any class thanks to scion classes. Not necessary? Yeah, but it might help someone. I know i don't really want to use multiple characters.

Lol, this thread was funny to read through how the OP doesn't actually read other people's comments, and why they're saying what they are. That they believe having stats assigned that are doing absolutely nothing for at least one of the weapon types, no matter what class you pick is in any way somehow the most effective way.

It works sure, but why? Why would you do this when you have 2 other character slots if you decide to specialize in another stat? This isn't a case of min-maxing, this is a case of 50 of your stat points are doing absolutely nothing, unless you pick to play as a combination of classes that sacrifices a lot of damage in the first place, even before the mag stat assignment.

Everyone else was just trying to be nice, but after you've proven you don't even bother reading other people's responses as to why this doesn't work, I'll flat out say this, this setup is BAD, and if anyone follows this they're sacrifing points in the mag for absolutely no reason. There's a reason most people make pure mags (heck 2 stats is ok for some classes, though pure is of course still more effective), and you haven't bothered to read when other people told you why.

@Riesz well this work up to a certain point, when Cras series comes it won't work for some of the weapons, 50 stats in each attack and dex won't be enough unless is using certain race combinations like female Newman as force that gets close to the 950 tec required for the weapon, also Scion classes makes this entire guide pointless anyway.