Guide: Best MAG for free players.

One can do a defense mag if they choose to. Optimal way to go is pure mag in one of the offensive stats (S- ,R- ,T-atk or DEX) for maximum bonus which in turn affects your damage calculations, since to my understanding mag-support levels are added on to your base stats. In my opinion best mag for a free player is a pure mag in stat that the player themselves likes to play most. Only Br? Dex, wanna only melee? S-atk, Sci Fi space magic is your thing? T-atk, wanna kill things from afar or John Woo style? R-atk

I'm done, people here in NA are not as open minded as they are in JP. Do as you like, all I was doing is posting the best and optimal free mag for free players nothing more, or nothing less. Don't think most of you will understand this just yet in this game ver.

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You are saying that we aren't open-minded, yet you are saying that your solution is the best and only one people should use, while simulatenously trying to shoot down everyone who tries to give their opinion.

People generally favor suggesting people to do the optimal thing, which in this case is focus on one class and get a stat bonus for that, if you play multiple classes and don't mind that you are gonna be weaker with all of them overall, that is totally fine.

Free players can work around the mag limitation either way, whichever suits their playstyle. In the end this isn't such a big thing anyways, although there might be a case, where you might end up not being able to equip some of the 15* weapons later on if you dont have a maxed out ATK mag.

The best mag for free players that don't want to spend AC or take the time to spend real cash and time to make 4 pure mags.

My Mag Stats - MEL (50) TEC (50) DEX (100)

As for the 15 star weapons I can equip a lot of them see for your self.


At most all you will need is 900 to 920 to equip most 15 star weapons and my mag stats cover that. Like I said "Don't think most of you will understand this just yet in this game ver."

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Jesus Christ, I don't even feel like proving you wrong anymore. I'm sorry we can't comprehend your galaxy brain mag stat allocation.

Yeah, your question is flawed from the start. There is no such surrounding circumstance/mechanics that even differentiate or dictate the kind of mag you can have/want to have. As has been said in many other sub game contexts. There is arranging/obtaining things for as high an efficiency impact as you can have and be one of the best. Or do what makes you feel good, enjoy the game, and if you somewhat lucky with skill and other things you'll come up right under the very best maybe.

Fwiw. You do you @animeregion

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40 DEX Is about the upper limit for a non-pure mag. 100 is a bit too much, even for a free player.

For each 10, 20, 30, or 40 points of DEX(based on your attack), you are giving up whole percentiles of damage.

For example, the average attack rating for level 75 players equipped with +35 Nemesis weapons is somewhere between 2,500~3,200(before and/or after Team Tree boost and Shifta).

At 2000~2980 Attack, 20 points of ATK from your mag is essentially 1% damage. If you've got a mag with 100 DEX, 100 ATK, you're basically saying goodbye to 5% more damage, which is pretty big, but not game-breaking.

The only time 100 DEX on a mag MIGHT be necessary, is if you play a Newearl(Female Newman), which starts off with -50 DEX due to race bonuses/penalties. Later weapons and units require a lot of DEX, especially depending on what class is being played, so 40-50 DEX is acceptable.

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@Pandas-On-Fire I did say other then a pure mags. I don't get why people are fix on pure mags. There are 13 different mags out there, why only fixed on 4 of them?

The thread reads "Best MAG". It doesn't matter if you're a free player or not, anything else than a purge mag isn't the Best.

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anything else than a purge mag isn't the Best.

Yes. I agree. Nothing is better. All hail Purge Mag. May it purge the unworthy of their sins.

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@Pandas-On-Fire said in Guide: Best MAG for free players.:

anything else than a purge mag isn't the Best.

Yes. I agree. Nothing is better. All hail Purge Mag. May it purge the unworthy of their sins.

Oh no, a typo, burn the witch!

#PurgeMagLivesMatter..?! ;0

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I love it when people don't read "This MAG will work for Braver, Bouncer, Hero, Phantom, and Etoile Class." its a all in one MAG, also I been at this for 8 years I got a lot of time left still.

If you have a better MAG for free player lets see them and I don't think a pure MAG will count, also its for players that are not going to spend AC on. With that in mind lets see what you got. . .


If you're posting living in your fantasy world and wanting people to agree with your poor decisions to feel better with yourself, please go the heck away.

You make one mag per character per stat. That's how it has always been. That's how you do it for free. That's how I've done it for seven and a half years on the JP server. Phantom became the exception, however you do not even necessarily need a DEX mag to make phantom work, it only makes all three available weapons work at the same time on the same character.

Get off your high horse. There's no perfect do-everything mag, that's not how this game works. Statistically it is not possible. Points spent not doing what you're playing are points wasted. That's simple kindergarten math. 200 is greater than 50. If you don't want to commit then stop begging people to agree with you when it fundamentally does not work. Defense is crap because it's split three ways. 0.33 is less than 1, you might see.

Now, you can play whatever the heck mag you want doing whatever the heck you want -- nobody can nor should stop you. But saying, or somehow begging people to agree that it's the best way to do it, when there's clearly much better alternatives, makes you simply wrong about it.

But I don't think it was ever about anything at this point; you've plugged your ears to explanations and la-la-la-la-la'd your way through the thread. I've personally explained why it doesn't work at least twice now, so that's clearly not your goal.

You're right. You did it. You found the perfect mag. Congratulations, you're the best in the world. You beat the game. Good job, sweety. Don't let that mean old Rockbear tell you otherwise.

^ ..that and theres no correlation between F2P and Whaling when it comes to Mags. We all use the same -mates, -rides, furniture, etc. Clarify that and maybe there is a possible contextual lense to see what the heck crazy whack-a-do "Free Mag" you getting at.

Or you're straight trolling in which. Meh.. ..oh well.. 😸


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Tested a new MAG using 50 MEL, 50 RNG, 50 TEC, and 50 DEX

So far working out really well. Could be good for any race and class.