server n/a - europe question

Is the game coming on europe? If so, if i start on n/a server would i be able to switch on european after?

@TouchComa79 It's probably not coming in Europe and if you make a new character on NA you definitely won't be able to transfer it to EU server, that's 100% a fact.

I doubt it because of the RNG scratch cards

Well, PSU had NA, EU and ANZ people play on the same servers and worked just fine, and as a Brit myself PSO2 works great too.
So I doubt they would make servers for exclusively European players when they're frankly unnecessary. Maybe add a few blocks with priority French, German, Spanish language etc?

The RNG scratches may affect the game from being released in, say, Belgium, but the thing is if you go to the Microsoft Store page and change the region then the game has actually been rated in Europe and Australia+New Zealand.

So it looks like groundwork has been laid. In short, the answer is maybe.

If they just released in English language territories (while other translations may or may not be ongoing) it would be a start, making my account work on the American store was far too much of a pain.

@Exu As a French myself honestly i don't even care if the game is in my language especially if it's the usual cringe translation given to literally any foreign media really, i just want a good accessibility to the game.

I believe the game itself can host instances on local computers or pairs people up as close as possible based on location, the only exception being the lobby server itself, it plays incredbly smooth outside of the lobby itself, playing from Europe as well and there's no noticable lag to me.

The only problem is that it's an incredibly annoying pain in the hole to actually PAY for the game outside of the states because microsoft limit payments to the US and Canada itself, it's actually making it annoying for me to pay for a premium sub because of this and microsofts "insistence" on having a US/Canadian Address matching your card...