[Ship 02 - Tale of Dreams] - Recruiting !

Bunch of friendly peeps that are casually playing the game, free to do what you want without having to worry to much about anything!

Alliance level : 5

Timezones : Any!

Playstyle : Casual

Thank you for taking the time for checking this out !

We're a small little alliance at the moment, but hopefully in the future we shall grow !

If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask ^ u ^

@Belistra im down to join id is10151802

@FlamusX Alright! I tried searching you but, nothing came up! Atm I'm in b-037 if you want to swing by real quick when you get the chance.

@Belistra got it my character name is flamus

@Belistra Is your alliance active?

Yes, I've been playing practically every day since PC launch. Though my schedule will change when I have to go back to work.

There aren't to many of us at the moment but, looking to grow!

Logging off for a couple hours. If you want to join send a message to Spazzy#8924 on discord and give me your name! I shall message you back when I come back online ^ u ^ so I can add you !

-bump, back online!

-bump, I'm online and accepting invites!

Just leave your player name and I'll search ya up and put you in ~

-Bumpity bump !

I'll be on practically all day recruiting... don't be shy now !