second account allowed?

hey. im playing very active and i cant even sell all my stuff in time. so i think About playing a second one couse my bank is just insanely full. is it allowed to have 2 accounts? is it allowed to have 2 Shops? and can i Transfer Meseta between this accounts or is this bannable?

You can have 3 characters for free per account. As long as they are all on the same ship, they can transfer meseta and also items that are in default storage. You don't really need another account unless you don't want to spend too much real money on additional storage and your account storage and all 3 free character's character storage is full, as well as default storage. You can have as many accounts as you want, though. I just don't think you can transfer Meseta. If you can, transferring too much would likely be possible to get you banned for being flagged as RMT (if the meseta can and is traded to another account).

oh wow, the tip with character Banks is insane!