Personal Shop PW

I submitted 2 separate tickets and still haven't gotten so much as a confirmation email and this is literally eating away the time I'm alotted from purchasing the premium service. Trading/Having the ability to sell items was literally the only reason I bought it, now I can't do either and I can't help but feel like I'm getting boned. Any advice?

Support appears to be swamped due to all of the issues that have come along with the PC launch. All you can do is be patient, as it looks like the reset request can take several days at the moment.

Thank you for the reply~ I just checked again and I /do/ have a reply now after 5 days. As long as it's fixed I'm good. I had no idea that I'd have to go through all this to change the pin. I figured it was just something I could do on my own later on b/c I didn't feel like messing around w/ even more stuff after it taking 18 hours to even get on the game to play for the first time.

I always reccommend making the pw 12345 you'll never forget that