Stuck in loop at title screen; gamertag visible

The game launches and gets to the title screen. However, at that point, clicking the start button just goes back to that screen over and over again. VIDEO

Also, please note that the only way to end the game is for me to use alt-tab-delete + end task. Using the escape key does the same thing as hitting the enter key.

I've heard of others being stuck at the login screen; however, I was told that this issue was unique because my gamertag IS visible in the lower left, and the button does work just never goes anywhere.

Anyway, has anyone seen this or have any ideas?


I forgot to mention that I've tried installing/uninstalling PSO2 three times. The first time was from the Windows Store (which didn't launch at all) ..then the second time was from the PSO2 Tweaker online and then the third time was from the XBox app. Both the second and third installations had the same results as described above (and that is shown in the video.)

Did you every figure this out? I am having this issue currently

Did you change your xbox id / email? That's usually one of the causes.

I didnt change my XBOX id.

Maybe my email but I changed it to one of my microsoft 'alias' emails.

Just tried changing my contact email back but that didn't work either. Still looping the title screen

Yeah, for some reason changing your email really messes up the info Microsoft sends as your info to PSO2. You have to log out of everything sending the old email information because it's not recognized anymore.