Bouncer Tech Jet Boots Build


I play my Bouncer as Jet Boots with no interest in using Dual Blades. I use techs for range, otherwise boots for everything else, a Dex Mag and I subbed Hunter(per recommendations of guides I found online).

After playing it to 60 I think it doesn't make sense for me since I never took switch strike, Im getting no benefit out of Fury stance and if all I use are techs and Boots I feel like I should have a Tech Mag and stack tech power instead. Does anyone know a viable build for this play style?

Or, am I totally misunderstanding and the most effective and viable Bouncer is the Switch Strike, Bo/Hu with a Melee Mag? If I do that will a still be able to play in the style that I like (seems it will ruin my techs).

Thanks for the advice.

Fury Stance effects Jet Boots perfectly fine since it increases Melee-type damage (not MEL-Pwr or just attacks that use MEL-Pwr), and Jet Boos do Melee-type damage with their normal attacks and PAs with or without Switch Strike. However, Hunter does not have any multipliers to increase Tech damage.

Switch Strike is only needed if your Augments are primarily MEL-Pwr.

A DEX Mag gives you equal amounts of TEC-Pwr and MEL-Pwr, so a lv200 DEX Mag on a Bouncer is the same as having both a lv200 MEL Mag and lv200 TEC mag equipped.

If you want to be using Techs in your rotation for damage, currently your best option is to sub Fighter, but be warned, Fighter does not have any of the survivability Skills of Hunter, and as such it relies much more on you learning how to dodge and use your i-frames effectively.

Eventually, the best subclass for your desired style (and really just in general for Bouncer, in my opinion) is Phantom, and much like subbing Fighter there are no bulky surivability Skills, so subbing Fighter also serves as good training during the wait for Phantom.